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      when cupid strikes


during our in house in good shepherd preparing for our up coming board exam... i met a guy from a different course. many girls like him, some of them are my friends but i was not really attracted to him at first.

days gone by, and suddenly, his classmates came up to me and asked for my number. i didn't give it coz i thought they were just playin joke on me. d next day, i was surprised when he called my name and apologized. he thought i got mad... that moment,as i look at his face, i felt my heart beating so fast as my blood rushed through my veins. i cannot speak a word... all i was thinking was for him to ask again for my number... and he did.

he was a shy guy. we texted though we are only in one roof. but he really amazed me by his sincerity and thoughtfulness.
he bought me food when he goes out... asked me if im hungry and brought me down food. we continued to become close until their last night in our in house.

it was really sad coz we were not sure if we get to have a chance to see each other outside that house. we felt as if tomorrow will never come. we enjoyed being together for the last night of his stay there. i didn't sleep.

the next day, me and my friends went out for church visiting and it was so devastating that i wont see him anymore. we just texted and i really cried knowing that when i go back to that hause he's not there anymore. as we went back that afternoon... i was really thrilled to see a note posted on the wall from him. sayin "to a special person who made my life complete" and everybody is teasing me.
no one in my life have done that... everything that he did inside that house. i felt that he is really the one i am looking for a long long time.

we continued texting until i found out that he is committed. he has a girlfriend for 6 years now. and it really ripped my heart like i was been fooled all those time. he admitted and apologized for not telling me the truth. he said that he dont know what is in me that he have done such thing. he just couldnt help but love me... and that he will not stop from loving me...

i was not sure that time if i must still believe him... all i know is that i was not angry..there was no hatred and i really do love him no matter what... i accepted the fact that i cannot have him but i still hope that someday God will find a way for us to be together and love each other freely.

we still text... we talk... we see each other. i understand his situation. im not into pressuring him to do something i want. i just want everything to fall into place at the right time. patience is a virtue. if he is really for me then id be happy if not... God's will be done.


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