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      Is there any hope after all these years?


My ex-husband and I were married when I was fourteen years old and he seventeen. We were married for 33 years. We have 4 sons and 5 grandchildren. We've went through fights, cheating and other things. On the last day together., we were fighting. My ex husband said to me,for the second time in the 33years of marrage, "I don't love you, I've never loved you, but I learned to live with you" That was it! The last straw. I left that day. I had a male friend that had told me that I could move in with him. So I did.
One night one thing lead to another, and I was sleeping with this friend. My ex-husband has tryed for 6 years to get me to move back home with him, I've wanted to so very badley. But I really couldn't live, with my self, If I used and hurt my boyfriend that way. My ex-husband and I talked to each other every day! If he wouldn't call me, I'd call him! And we would tell each other how much we love each other. I some times would go over to see him. Spend time with him. But I would never sleep with him. Thats because I was with the other guy. Three months ago my ex husband started seeing another women. I didn't find out about it until me ex had gotten out of the hospital. Were I was by his side. Then one of my sons told me about her. I asked him about it. But all he could say was "I didn't know how to tell you". Now He's getting married in Febuary to her. And all I can seem to do is cry! cry, and cry some more! I called him today because he will not call me, And I told him how much I love him! And miss him! And that I wanted him back!! And that I just wanted to hear his voice. How can I get over him? He told me he still loves me, but he thinks he's in love with her. Is there any hope for us?


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