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      Forced Apart


had been goin out with my boyfriend for 6 months..we were so close and trusted each other so much..i could see our relationshipe going on for a long time. we understood each other so well. we loved each other so much. i had heard things from my friend about  him. things like he wasn't serious in relationships and only wanted to have sex with whoever he could get. i didn't believe her because she didn't kno him and the person she heard all this was from a guy who was known for his lying. i knew it wasn't true. she wanted me to break up with him ever since i started going out. the weird thing is...she was the one to hook us up. i thought that maybe she was jealous of our was my first and it was goiing so strong. she's had three relationships before but the longest they lasted was a month. i dunno..maybe i'm wrong..but i was completely sure my boyfriend wouldn't use me or cheat on me. the thing is, i'm not allowed to date. my mom won't even allow me to think about, my "friend" told her older sister who called up my mom...i was at work and i got a call saying tht we were gonna go to my "friends" house. i was excited to see cause of course she was my "friend" or so i believed she was. we started talking about everything and all of a sudden the older sister says...before i say anything, i'm not doing this to get anyone in trouble, it's just to protect you from getting hurt. yeah right. she asked me...who is this guy? i was like a guy from school (which was a lie because he didn't go to my school, i'm in high school and doesn't go to college- never went to college) she said to stop lying because she knows everything. i said that he's 21 and where he lives. my mom was so pissed off..i was crying so much because i knew this was the end of everything. she called my boyfriend up and acted like she was a girl who saw him at the gym, got his number and tried to set up a date. later, he told me he was just playing around and that he wouldn't really have gone with her...but i dunno about tht.. then she told him who she really was and told him everything..she cussed him out so much and kept on asking him "what the f**k were you thinking when you went out with her?" i was on the other phone line listening to both of them the whole entire time. and crying. the whole entire time. i didn't kno what to do... i couldn't say anything. i know he was pissed too...then she said to him..don't u try to talk to her(me) ever again. have a good night. i cannot tell you what else sheh said to him. she told me to never talk to him again and if she finds out that i did, she's gonna get a restraining order on him and get him jailed for statutory rape. this happend two days ago..i dunno how i'm gonna get through this...i lost all my mother's trust and i knew tht from the beginning that she wouldn't trust me if i got caught..but i couldn't help myself..i dunno what to do..i can't talk to anyone..i need help...what can i do now?? please someone help me...i love him so much and i know he loves me just as much...


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