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We were classmates since grades school. And he is my childhood friend too, his name is Rey. But ever since my feeling to him is more than a friend, I loved him ever since. But he didn't knew because I really do my best to hide it. Rey is my bestfriend and i didn't want to ruin our friendship if i let him knew my feeling for him. We treat each other as brother and sister, we care for each other. There's a time he was broke-up with his girlfriend, and I was in his side always coz i knew he need me as his friend. Everytime we're together was a happy moments, we laugh all the time.

Until oneday, it was during our English class, he asked me in a whispering tone,"Mitch, who is your crush?", I was surprise of what he ask me. In my mind I want to told him that he is my love and not a crush. He repeat his question but i just smiled. The next day, he is very caring and thoughtful, it was his first time to brought me umbrella, then it's so weird he gave me a rose without any occasion. Wherever I was, he's always there.

One night before our drama presentation, he held my hand and let me sit on a bench. He was very serious and I have no idea what was going on. He told me that whatever he may say I must not judge him. His hands are so cold. Out of the blue he embrasse me and whispered that he can't hold his feeling anymore,"I LOVE YOU MITCH MORE THAN A FRIEND do". It was like a dream came true, tears flowed on my cheek. It was my bliss moments in my life.

Our relationship grew stronger as time pass by. But his decision shocked me when we graduate highschool. He decided to serve the Lord, he want to enter in seminary. I recall when we were on childhood days, he was a church goer, and a convent boy. During holy week he acted as one of the apostles of Jesus. BUt I never thought he would want to be a priest. What else I can do? God have a plan for him. And in three years God let me experienced how to be loved by someone you really loved. I didn't want to be an obstacle of what he wanted to be, whoever he is, wherever he may be my love for him will never fade. Whatever vocation of life he takes, our memories can't be erase. I always love you Rey.


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