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      Still Loving


Basically my story is how i was dating my boyfriend who is now my husband at the time that i met a friend who we connected instantly. We became very close, had similar interest, enjoyed eachother's company. I am not someone who cheats but this was something i just could not help. When he would accidently brush is hand against my hand ...electricity would just flow between us. I could not explain this kind of feeling. Just talking to eachother and being in eachother's company was like being in paradise. My boyfriend, who i love dearly, and i were having problems and had seperated. So me and my friend did hook up for about 3 months. It was the most amazing 3 months in my life. But we both knew that this was something that could not last. We both agreed that what we had was something that we can not let go ever. He had to go back to his country and i could not stop loving my boyfriend and got together with him. I married my boyfriend. We are happily married and very much in love. He is my heart. As for my friend...we still keep in contact. he tell's me he misses me and thinks about me everyday.He is a part of me. I do think about him. I and i know that i was lucky to have tasted what true love is twice...


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