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      Janesville; coming back to life


Sometimes I remember Her like yesterday. Sometimes I remember Her like a dream, A dream that you don't want wake from. Now she's hanging on someone else's shoulder. It felt like a dream to love her.

Was it all a dream? A dream that played tricks on me to this day. The day the wall came down I left Her. To be alone and without me. And even though she needed me, there wasn't a thing I Could do for her. I had to go.

Now I dream of her every time I look into the sky. Reminding me of her warmth and smile. What's this fight inside me that makes me remember her? Why does love have to be so cold. I look into the sunrise now, wondering if she watches it to. So many feelings only to feel the one that says she's out there still.

What do I have to do?

A Nightmare I cannot wake from.


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