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      Whatever happened to love?


I used to believe in love, until Samantha (not her real name) came into my life. I believed in the type of love that I guess is too old fashioned for this day and age. The kind that if need be, that you were willing to give your very life for the woman you were born to love and spend your life with. Love that transcends all time and obstacles life throws at you.

Samantha, at least at the time I thought, was that woman for me. She captured my heart and my soul. She was the sun in my sky that lit my way through a cold and dark world, the reason why I smiled and the reason why I cried, she was the one that I would, if need be, give my life for.

You see I am of the belief that when you have a good woman, you respect her, cherish her, meet all her needs and put those needs before your own, that I did with Samantha.

I opened my heart to her, shared my dreams with her, and loved her with a love that I never knew I could ever had for anyone, a love that would one day crush me and bring me down to the lowest point in my entire life.

You see even though she said "I love you", the love was only real coming from my direction. I guess the saying is true, "Love is blind", I was blinded to the fact her love wasn't love at all, but only words her character had to speak on the stage of life, in a play, in which I was the main character, THE FOOL.

Samantha, won my heart and my love, but she took both and destroyed them in a single blow. You see, while I loved her, she was giving her love, as well as her body to some other guy, and she ended up pregnant with his child. She moved to another state, without even a "I'm sorry" or a reason why.

I think it's been five years since that time, but the pain and heartache is still there. And it has left me with a some questions.

1. Whatever happened to Love?

2. Are there any true women out there?

3. Why do women treat guys who love them, like I loved Samantha, like trash?

4. Why do women love guys, who treat them like trash, and stay with them?

5. Whatever happened to faithfulness in a relationship?

6. The people of today, is their idea of love so shallow that it includes giving their bodies to people outside of their relationships?

7. Is anything sacred anymore?

Those are a few among many questions I have, but I guess the main one would be:


I guess it is something that only happens in fairytales and dreams, because in my reality it is nonexistent.

May you all find the love of your life, and may it bring you the happiness you seek.

One who is searching, KEVIN.


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