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      Why should we break up?


I have been strongly in love with this man. He hurts me so much. It was all 5 years back.

He left me before I knew that I loved him so much important than I had expected.

When he first told me to break up, I cried almost every night. It took me a long time to heal before I got into another relationship.

Deep down inside I still think of him very much.

Recently, I got to know that his new woman is working in the same company as mine, and is my subordinate. Sometimes I really wished that I had never come across her. This reminds me of him and it is a torture to me, I miss him so much.

I remembered that he had never broke up with me, he just told me he wanted some time for himself. Later, he left the town without telling me. During that time, I cried and cried thinking over him. I just wanted to forget him but it seems like things keep reminding me of him. I happened to see him a month ago, with his girlfriend and it broke my heart.

Seng, I really need some clarifications from you, don't leave me unanswered.. I hate this kind of feeling, at least you should let me know that everything's over between us. I have been waiting for your answer for more than 5 years... just don't keep me waiting like crazy woman.

I don't know if you still remember how we were when we first got together. I was, at that time having a long distance relationship with another man and there you are, telling me how much you wanted me in your life, you talked me in whenever I rejected your love, and at last you succeeded.

Why should we have broke up since we had worked really hard in this relationship?

I know that I will not get any answer from you. Anyway, I really wish that one day we will be together again.

Seng, I love you so much and I hope you will know.


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