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      Trying to cope


I was with a man for ten years, after two children he decided to leave with another woman. I got on with my life but it took me two years to get the courage to do anything about looking for new love. Recently, I found it, I thought I was in love the first time, but I realized that it wasn't even close to what I was feeling now. After some beautiful times together and making a lot of plans my whole world fell apart when an old girlfriend turned up pregnant. He decided to stick by her and I was left all alone again wondering what was wrong with me, all I want is to have someone to love me forever, but it wasn't to be.

I am trying to cope, it is hard and I will get on with my life, but it has made me lose even more of my faith in relationships, is the hurt worth it? A close person said to me that there is someone out there for me but right now that seems impossible to believe.

Now I have to go on for my children and for me because I won't let it beat me. I will win in the end.


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