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Tesda days
kacy richardson miranda lee
over u
♥♥†isang karamdaman†♥♥
a teen desithon
a very dramatic love
i aM So cRAzY?
i saw him,met him,and ended up hurt ,but then something good happend!
i'm stupid
Solemn Goodbye
The impossible capture of my soul mate the non-committal beauty qeen.
True Love
true love can wait...mAyBe!!
Woman of Purpose
#47 he is my forbidden love!
Î�Î�Î�ΣΤÎ�Î� ΦÎ�Î�Î�Î�....!!!
* Love Ko To!!! ^_^
*** Saan kaya ako, beside me? o sa distance relationship?..hmm,, iwan,_***
,, anu pipiliin ko LOVE /FRIEND?
. . .Almost. . .
...dahil kay God..nameet koh sya....
..ano ba talaga ang true love?...
..can't find the words to say Goodbye.....
..fated to love you..
..i really miz him....
..qLa qu mhL nea qu ..awtz
.da more u hate.da more u love.
.its so hard to say its over...
.subra subra..
1 message received
1 month of up, 6 months of down, and still sinking.
1 more dream
1 not so GREAT LOVE
1 year before I got over him
10 months of heartache
1000 miles apart
12 years for what?
14 years
15 day love
15 months of betrayal
16 is never to young
17yr old broken heart
18 years later
1st And Last Blanche ;(
1st crush and 1st love
1st love
2 girls teach sex
2 lads in my life
2 loves 2 boys 1 girl
2 weeks together.
20 minutes that lasted forever
2009 summer
23 years
23 years part 2
2nd Chance
2nd part ng I AM SO CRAZY
3 times in love
3 ways of telling how much i love you -kayekevin-
3 white roses
30% love
3rd part ng I AM SO CRAZY?
4 years for nothing
4 years of heartache, and now hope
4 years Together but No Respest
5 pesos
5 years
5th of july the best n worst
5th period
6 years means too long but it was not meant to last.......ade
6 Years of Being Lost
7 years and he left me
8 years later
A Brother, Cousin, Friend, Boyfriend, Nephew, Son, But Nothing Like Me A True Angel To Him
A Bad Friend
A Beautiful Evening
A big mistake=(
A bitter world, a bitter fool by Evine Dollname
A bloody kiss good-bye- a chapter from my true story Book- "Death Interrupted by Love"
A body without direction
A boy and a girl
A boy i met
A boy to change my life
A broken dream
A broken heart
A broken heart that still loves its destroyer
A buck for Every time I felt pain
A car accident
A Chain Curse
A chat for him!!
A choir for our love.
A Confession of a Woman who Loved
A confession to make....
A connection
A country I didn't know exist!
A couple ripped apart
A crush
A crush over and over again
A crushed heart.
A damn hell called ex.
A day in the life of Sucka Jo Cock
A Decade Too Long
A Deeper Bond
A dream
A dream come true
A dream wedding?..
A dream world
A drem?
A fairy tale gone in seconds....and also a life
A fairy tale with a twist
A fairytale coming into reality
A final gift
A First Love
A forbidden love - (Loving a wrong person at a right time...)
A friend only
A funeral gone wrong…
A girl falling in love w/ a guy...
A girl i love so much.
A girl in love with a man
A girl love the boy but the boy doesnt love him back.
A girl to remember...
A girl who fell in love with her cousin
a girls burden By Jay-Vee Alcaraz
A Good Friend Gone
A grassy path
A happiness lost forever
A happy couple?
A hard lesson learned (poem)
A Heart Break To Remember
A Heart That Wont Heal !
A Heartache Called My Life
A heartache or a Love Story? You decide.
A heartache that hurt more than just me
A heavy price to pay
A hole in my heart forever
A Holiday in Heaven.
A kiss and we were together
A Lesson Called Love
A Lesson Learned: An Experience to Never be Forgot
A lesson learnt
A letter i will never send
A letter to my Aaron
A life of love for just one man.
A life without love.
A Little Love from Me to Everyone
A little mixed up here
A little piece Dieing.
A Little Too Far To The Left
A Long Awaited Love
A Long Distant Love Affair
A Long Heartbroken Heart
A long time for long distance
A Long Time to Decide
A Lost and Found Love
A lost love
A lost panda
A lost soul
A love dat can neva end
A love forever
A Love from Long Ago Returns
A Love I Never Saw Coming!!!
A love i wanna try to keep
A love i wanna try to keep 2
A love like mine
A love story
A love story started in a simple "Hi, can you be my textmate?"
A love story that never was
A love story that would have last.
A love story with no happy ending ever
A love story.
A love that can't happen
A love that i want to last 4ever
A love that last's
A love that lost
A Love That Shouldn't Be
A LoVE ThaT wiLl nEvER bE miNe
A love that would never happen
a love that's not meant to be
A love to pass the test of time
A love triangle gone worse (Sorry its really long... plz read and comment)
A love two worlds apart
A loving mistake, a sweet ending
A man i ever wanted but could never have.....
A man worth waiting for
A Man's Perspective
A match made in heaven...
A Meeting Meant To Be
A Memoir of My True Love
A million tears for him
A miracle happened
A Miracle made from a Catastrophe
A mistake never to be forgotten that i wouldnt change
A must-read love story...
A Never Ending Love Story..........:)
A never ending pain
A neverending nightmare.
A New Alpha
A New Beginning
A New Beginning II
A New Life
A note to Gary
A one sided ROSE
A pain of the heart
A painful gift for my Love
A part of me gone
A picture that was meant for ever
A Piece of Advice
A Piece of Advice
A poem about the one who broke me, my rose bouquet
A poem to my Lil` Wonton
A poem; Blind Love
A possibility
A Predicament of the Most Significance: Big Problem
A real heartache
A real story
A roller coaster love
a rose in Spanish Harlem picked up by a shadow-man
A rose is still a rose
A Sacrifice of Love
A sad long story ends up good.......
A sad love story.
A sad love story. [PART 2]
A sad sorry for me..
A sad story about love
A sad story waiting for a happy end
A Simple Hopeless Romantic
A simple love story
A simple thing
A Soul Mate
A soul torn in two
A Story About Love
A STORY IN A POEM by: jay-vee
A Story Never Shown: A Short Love Tale
A story of love
A story of love
A stupid relationsip but a great luv
A sweet love that ended far too soon
A sweet story - Updated
A Tale of Deception
A Tale of True Love.
A teacher and a student
A Tearful Life
A Teen Love for a Kuya
A thesis love story
A thick line between love and like
A true lost love
A True Love
A true love
A twist
A unique type of love
A very long crush
A walk in the woods
A walk to remember..................
A Wasted Love
A weird heartache or heartbreak?
A weird incident
A womans loyalty
A Year and A Day, I love You 1
A Young Lover's Heart Broken
about my love... my story i never told anyone.
About my love...my story i never told anyone..( 2nd part)
Abused & Alone
Accedently fell in love
Accidental love
Acting so guilty
Adam hartley
Adhuri Love Story (abhishek and swetlina)
Adhuri Love Story (abhishek and swetlina)
Advice needed
Afraid of commitment
Afraid to let down the walls
African sun shine
After 7 years
After 7 years ...a love that is not meant to be
After All These Years
After Tears
After the bloom
Against all odds love story
Against my conscience and my will
Age doesn't matter.
Age is nothing
Age Will Never Matter
Alankar You Fool
ALexa story
All along
All behind us now
All I do is cry
All I Have to Give
All that glitters is not gold
All That I Want In My Life Is Him!!!!
All the good ones are gay.....
Allison's story of heartbreak and finding love
Almost Lovers
Almost perfect, until i found you...
Almost perfect, until i found you...
Alone all along
Alone on the holidays
Although it hurts you finally relise how the guys like
Always a bridesmaid
Always and forever
Always and Forever
Always assuming the worst - longest goodbye's
Always believe no matter the odds.
Always in my heart
Always In My Heart
Always in my heart and soul
Always love you
Always trust your gut feelings
Always with me
Am i correct?
Am I doing it right?
Am I in love?
Am I just too unlucky for love?
Am i stupid or just scared?...can you tell me PLEASE!!!
Am i such a fool to believe in his LOVE?!
Am I to be Blamed ?
Am so confused!
An almost perfect relationship
An artist's & her muse..
An enchanting fact, still appears a dream
An impossibly real love
An Indescribable Pain
An Innocent Love Story
An internet love... so I thought
An old middle school crush
An Open Letter to My Ex
An unconditional love that hurts.
An unexpected guy came in
And all that jazz
And I love him
And I thought it was forever....
And it all began in work....
And some day, the right one will come.
And the dream ended
And Yet I Still Love You...
Andy`s life
Ang Kamaling Paghanga
Ang Kyut na Paslit sa Khurais Mall
Ang lihim na pag-ibig na nging totoo
Ang maalala ka ay kabiguan ko
Ang sakit
Ang una kung pag ibig
Angels watching over us
Anger, Death, Love and a whole lot of saddness
Ankush And Palak in punjabi
Anniversary heartbreak
Annoyed...need some advice!!!!
Anonymous Love Letter
Another lost love.
Another Nobody Writing to Sombody
Another playing of games (a 28 year old guy versus 21 year old girl)
Another Sad Valentine's Day by: johnpatricklee@gmail.com
Appreciate Life!
Are we meant to be?
Around the World in two years
Arranged marriage
At Last
At last
Attention Attention, I love you
Auqkou26@yahoo.com( i am so crazy ? another story)
Autumn: A forgotten chapter
Baby me
Bad luck and mistakes. Will there be a happy ending?
Bad luck and mistakes. Will there be a happy ending? part II
Bad luck and mistakes. Will there be a happy ending? part III
Bakit di nalang Totohanin ang LAhat?
Bakit sa kanya pa aq nainlove
Banana Pancakes!
Bawal na pag ibig
Be careful
Beautiful life
Because I ruin everything
Because mommy`s heart is broken
Because of religion :(
Becca`s love
becoming whole again...
Before I knew it...
Behind that cute smile...
Behr Paint
Being Alone
Being alone!
Being Played
Believe in fate
Believe in fate!
Best Boyfriend Until........
best days ever
Best friend
Best friend.
Best Friends
Best friends are best lovers...
Best friends forever
best friends forever
Best Friends.
Best friend's hidden feelings...
Best of both worlds
BestFriend Lovers.
Bestfriends are the best lovers
Bestfriends are the best lovers
Bestfriends last
Betrayed always
Betrayed and emotionally abused
Betrayed and hurt
Betrayed sister
Betrayed T_T
betrayed, bothered and bewildered am I
Better Days!!!!
better days!!!!
Better In time ( Bubbly Part II)
Better to have a love and lost than to have never loved at... I think not...
Bewafa pyaar.
Beware of seducers!
Beyond My Heart's Desire
Big mistake
Binalewala Part 1...
Binalewala Part 2
Binalewala Part 2
Biting off my nose to spite my face
Bitter msweet memories
Bitter Love Story
Bitterly, sweetly, It slipped away...
Bittersweet memories
Black love...
Black Room
Black rose
Bleak hope
Bless The Broken Road
Blind care
Blind faith
Blind Love
Blind love
Blinded love&#9829;
Blood lines part 1
Bored lonely and depressed
Boys are utterly confusing..
Brannon I Still Love You
Breack up
Break-up my fault
Breaking my heart
Bringing Bubba home
Broke hurt by girl
Broke my heart
Broken Angle ;(
broken down by him but yet, i still need him
Broken engagement
Broken heart
broken heart
Broken Heart
Broken heart
Broken Heart: fell for Older Man in the Office
Broken hearted
Broken Hearted again
Broken hearts and deep lies
Broken heartsville
Broken into pieces
Broken love
Broken Pieces
Broken Promise
Broken promises
Broken Vow
Broken Vow by: Ashtiia Acol
Broken, But Saved..
Building my dreams
Bump On The Road
Calgary bound
Call him and loose your dignity or Just wait, wait and wait
Can anyone help me?
Can I ever go on?
Can I really be your friend after all?
Can I survive this?
Can I trust anyone again
Can it be true?
Can it work
Cancer girl
Cannot forget him
Cannot let go
Cannot stop loving him
Cant forget about you
Cant get over it
Cant stop crying
Cant we be like we were before?
Can't Get over him, help
Can't help falling in love,..
Can't let go
Can't move on
Can't rush love
Can`t let go
Can`t live without him
Can`t take chances
Castle in the Sky
Cat and dog
Caught in the Act
Challenges in interracial relationship
Change is driving us apart
Change of mind, change of heart.
Changing for him.
Changing Relationships
Chapaaaati and lady's finger
Chased by the ghost of yesterday past
Cheated on from the start
Cheated out of love twice
Cheater, Liar, You name it!
Childhood friends to love CONFUSED please help
Childhood Love
Childhood love forever
Childhood love lost forever
Childhood romance
Childhood stalker
Chivalry isn't dead yet
choosing never seemed so hard
Chris and I
Church Girl and the Headbanger
Classmate love
Coincidence or God's Plan ????
Coincidence? Or Fate?
Come and Go (An almost perfect relationship_continuation)
Come see my cage
Come to stay or stay away
Con te Partiro, Zhylrae11
Concerned and confused
Confession about a Heartbreak
Confuse on her.
Confused and Done
Confused but there is some happiness in this confusion....
Confused much??
Confused x3...
Confused.. :D
Confusedd :?
Confusing,,,,,but ill always love her
Confusion Triggers
Congratulations Canna
Continuation of Saddest love story ever..
Could I still love him?
Could it be karma?
Could this be it?
Couldn't be better for me.. ^_^
Courage where are you?
Cowboy is mine!!
Crazy in love
Cross each others paths and become spiritual friends
Crossing the line
Cruel love
Crush in just a moment of stare
Crush Ko
Crush ko pero di ko kilala :(
Cry for help
Crying all the time
Crying is Over...
Crying makes it worse
Crystel Ceballos and her Job
Cute love storY for true lover
Cute memories.
Cyber Love
D most beautifull month of my life
Dante Dela Cruz (man whore)
Dard bhari dastaan
Dared to dream
Dating mag-kuya ngayon LOVERS na!
Day 1
Dear Ali
Dear lover
Dearest Ryan
Deep scar still can heal...
Deeply and Madly
Defining true love - a JC story
Despair of your friend
Desperate for love
desperate for your love
Despite All Odds
Destined to be
Destined to be together
Destiny kaya kami?
Destiny talaga..
Destiny will take its way
Did he ever care?
Did he really ever love me
Did he really ever love me
Did i do the right thing
Did I do the right thing?
Did i do wrong??
Did I miss something ?
Dieing heart
Dieing Right Before His eyes
Different word, different meaning
Digging a hole for myself. (LONG story, sorry!)
Dirty Little Secret...Juno Valentine
Dirty Little Secret...Juno Valentine
Dishonest lover
Distance Makes the heart grow fonder.
Distance relationship
Distant Love
Distracted love
Distroyed In His Love And Passion
Distroyed In His Love And Passion 2
Distruation within myself
Ditch Aside
dnt know what will happen with this relationship
Do he really want to go out with me or just feel bad??
Do i have the right?
Do make say think
Do not make someone your priority if you're only the option
Do things really happen for a reason ?
Do u think its time 2 walk away?
Do we really know
Do wishes come true?
Do you wait or move on?
Do youbelieve on signs?
Does He Like Me?
does he love me, or not?
Does he love me????
Does he really love me or at least like me
Does he really love me?
Does he still care?
Does he still like me?
Does it hurt him like it`s hurting me?
Dom & lauren break up story
Don't know what to do
Done in Reflection (When Asked).
Dont give up if you truly care
Dont know
Dont know why?
Dont make the same mistake
Dont say something you dont mean.
Dont tell me
Don't be so Quick to give Your Heart Away!!
Don't expect too much..
Don't expect too much.....
Don't Know What To Do...I Love Him So Much!
Don't open your heart, too soon
Don't open your heart, too soon(part 2)
Don't open your heart, too soon(part 3)
Don't open your heart, too soon(part 4)
Don`t ignore the geeky and shy little boys
Don`t know what to do
Don`t let the bad ones hurt
Down, Out and South
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr Love bring back my ex girlfriend
Dr. Prince spell brought back my ex within 48 hours
Dr. Wicca spell brought back my ex within 48 hours
Dream are my realty!
Dream come true
Dream come true
Dream mof love
Dreams do come true
Dreams do come true <3
Dreams do come True!
Dying inside
Dying Slowly, On My Own...
Eighteen Candles
Emotional abuse??
Emotionally unavailable on AOL
Emptied out
End the end i get no one.
Ended before it began
endless love
Endless pain
Endless tears by:kacy richardson
Endless, My Summer with Kate...
Enough is enough
Epiphany of the soul
Escape and drawn back
Eternally Clueless
Even when you try you cant and it really hurts:'(
Eventually love
Everlasting love
Every body gets a chance to burn...
Every Mile a Memory
Every Minute Closer to Further Away
Every new beginning
Every now and then i fall apart
Every thing is fare in love
Everyone knows my story (Des`eree)
Everyone wants love.
Everything has an end.....
Everything I wanted (Long distance love)
Everything was just a fake..!?
Ewan ko bah!
Ewan ko bah!
Ex Best friend/ LOVER
Except for the fact that he is married...
Expect the Unexpected
Expect the unexpected&#9829;
Eyes are the windows to the soul
Eyes for u only
Facing the end
Failing to let go......
Failing winner
Fairytale love
Fairytales don`t come true
Fake a smile so he wont see
Fake love
Fake your smile girls.
Falling for a friend...
Falling for you
Falling in love with your bestfriend
Far but too close
Farewell, my beloved
Fatal Attraction 2
Fatal Attraction!!!!
Fate and Destiny
Fate and the prom date
Fate online chat/regret
Fate, a match made in heaven - UPDATED
Fear . . . part 1
Fear of loving him
Fear. . . part 2
Feelings for her or for me
Few Relationships... errr
Fiesta fever
Final Goodbye
Finally after 45 years
Finally Had 3nough!
Finally Happy
Finally through the hard part
Finally, a true love for me
Find the one you love
Finding Love In Your Worst Enemy! -Luvbug529
Finding Mr. Wright!
Finding someone new and what could've been
Finding True Love
First and Last love...
First and only love
First comes love, next comes heartache
First crush
First crush... First love... First lover.
First heartache is always the worst
First heartbreaks
First impression is the last impression!
First Kiss ...
First kiss!! first love!
First Love
First love
First love
First Love
First love
First love
First love , last love.
First love ko na hindi ko alam
First love never dies..
First love never ever dies
First love,last love
First Love-against all odds....
First love.
First Love...
First love....does it ever go away? Do you ever stop loving?
First terrible kiss. :(( hope u like it.
First true love turned to dust
First... Valentine's Day... 2007
First; True??
Flirting with all the girls
Flying free
Follow your heart
Fool in love
Fool me !!!
Foolish girl...
Footprints from oceans away
For a Short Time
For ever hold your peace
For people like me that just can't say anything.......
For some, love is greed
For u xx
For you I will
Forbbiden Love.......
Forbidden love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden love
Forbidden love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden love
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love part 2&#9829;
Forbidden love!!
Forced Apart
Forced to get Married
Foreign Love
Foreign Love
Forever a Friend!
Forever and Always
Forever and Always Babe
Forever and ever babe
Forever and till eternity -kayekevin-
Forever deep down
Forever Friends..
Forever In My Heart...Brent Passed April 15, 2009
Forever Isn't Just A Word (Al and Mia Story)
forever kind of love by: "heidelberg"
Forever longing
Forever Love
Forever unrequited.
Forever yours
Forevermore is now over
Forevery happy
Forget OR Forgive???
Forgiven Souls, Unforgiven Love (The 1st Night)
Forgotten souL...........='(
Friend of mine
Friends and More with 42 at heart.
Friends can be lovers :))
Friends Forever? by chris aka SleepyyCee
Friends in Oblivion
Friends made to be broken
Friends or more?
Friends That should be it....
Friends turned into best friends
Friendship is forever ???
Friendship is not all there is...
Friendship will last a lifetime
Friendship..... and my hidden want
Frighten to stop loving him.
From a friend to crush
From Heartbreaker to being deeply in love.
From Love to Heartache
From Pare with love
From Stranger to School popular boy to Boyfriend
From the outside
From this moment on
Frozen in Time
Fuck life
Funny Isn't It? What We Do For Love
Funny little four letter word
Gain hope, lose hope
Ganun ata talaga. :(
Gave up on love forever
Gay of my life :)
Gettin ass
Getting over him.
Gian carlo
Give Him/Her A Chance
Give me a chance
Giving My Heart to Him
Giving up is an oprion
Glass heart
Glory 08
God helps
God loves
God why did i tell him???
God wrote my love story!
God's Plan for Us
Going back to the Ex
Golu in love
Golu is dying without u
Golu is sleepless
Gone but not forgotten.
good bye forever II
good bye forever.
GoOd ByE nA bA tALAgA...?
Good times lost.
Good-bye pumpkin'
Goodbye boyfriend
Goodbye my love
Goodbye My Love (to Rick)
Goodnight sweetheart...
GOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got heartbroken by my manager
Grade 1
Grandma Reba
Grasping onto love
Gray Love
Green eyes
Greg and Maritza
Guess It Was Meant To Be
Halo and his two girlfriends
Hangang kailan? by: jazelle ortiz
happily ever after?
Happy Birthday
Happy Bloody Anniversary
Happy ending?
Happy valentines day
Hard love
Hard times, but very worth it
Hard to let go
Hard to lose what you never expected to find
Hardest part of luving
Harmless flirt, Go figure!
Harmonious garden
Has he ever let it go
Hate that i love you so
Hate to see you go
Hating Love
Have you ever loved someone enough to let them go?
Having to say goodbye (poem)
He bring back my lover within 48 hours
He broke my heart
He broke my heart with a text sent to my best friend
He Caused A Heart Ache
He could have been my husband.
He didn't tell me (true story)
He didn`t need me anymore
He died for anothr women
He doesnt even know that i exist
He doesn't know
He forgot me..
He got my heart but she got his heart .
He hates me
He hurts me but i still love him what to do??
He is just a slut
He is my obsession, he is my hearts content... & I need all of your Help
He is my soul mate
He Is The Only One For Me, My FAHMI
He Isn't Mine
He just could not get over it...
He just used me, but i love him
He left me after a year
He left me for Jesus
He left me for my own good sake!
He lied
He likes me,I love him...He has a girlfriend
He loves me
He loves me he loves me not
He loves me or he loves me not
He Made Me Believe..
He never came back
He never liked me
He played me
He promised
He repeatedly told me he loved me; stabbing my heart with each lie.
He Rescued Me
He saved me
He told me he loved me?
He tore my world apart
He used me...
He was a liar
He was and still is my one true love
He was everything
He was my angel
He was my everything
He was my everything
He was my first and true love
He was never mine.
He was never really mine
He was perfect, a distant lullaby in my heart.
He was sweet in some ways. . .
He was the one
He was the one and only
He was the one for me.
He was the only man i ever truely loved.
He will
He will always be my great love...
He Will Always Be There In The End.
He's enough to commit sucide...
He's My Hero....
He's the one for me....
He's The Reason I Live
Heart Break
Heart breaks and mistakes remember don't break.
Heart broken
Heart broken
Heart broken
Heart broken </3.
Heart Broken...by a crush...
Heart played...
Heart would go on
Heart would go on - continued
Heart would go on..
Heart would go on...
Heartache Agony
Heartache and confusion
Heartache at heartache pa din
Heartache from an online relationship .. need your advice
Heartache in Slow Motion
Heartache story
Heartache story
Heartbreaking 2nd time around
Heartbroken & Confused
Heartbroken But still madly in love with him.
Hearts on ice
Hearttrob crush
Hearty love story
Heaven sent
Heavens door
Help me make it through
Help me... i need an answer...
Help pleez!
Her Boogerface, his Boogerbutt
Her first love
Here comes good-bye
Hes my everything.. so y is this happening?
Hes my world.
Hes so far away
Hes walked and ive stumbled.
Hey my name is sophie
He'll always be in my heart
He'll always be with me!!!!
He's all i think about,
He's always there
He's my first...
Hidden love
Hidden love
High school heartache then love
High school lovers
High scool love
High Standards
Hiiden Lies
Him and her
Hindi arin ako maka move on :(
Hindi talaga kami para sa isa't isa :)
His a cheat and a lier..But i loved him..
His best friend
His eyes said I love you
His last breath broke me....
His life became miserable because of me.
His name was Alvin...
His princess, my controller
His sovereign love
His spell brought back my ex within 48 hours
His spell brought back my ex within 48 hours
His spell brought back my ex within 48 hours
History repeats itself
Hit and run
Hitting rock bottom
Hold on or let go
Holding on
Hollow Space
Hollow Space
Home for Christmas
Hope against hope
Hopeless romantic
Hopeless soul
Hopelessly wanting you back
Hoping dat "True Love Never Fails"
Hospital real love story
Hotel Calling 2 am
How am I supposed to forget about us...
How can you leave someone you love?
How can i let you go?
How can I still care for him?
How can I?
How can it hurt so bad?
How can one ease the pain of waiting and hoping?
How can you move on if all you wanted for the future is your past?
How ckan yu play me like that.
How could I be so naive
How could I be so wrong
How could i have been so wrong!!
How could I?
How could this happen?
How did we get here??
How do I forgive you?
How do i let go
How do I move forward from here?
How do I say goodbye?
How do I stop the hurt?
How do i tell her?..
How do you get over your first love?
How Do You Heal a Broken Heart?
How does it feel like falling in love?
How does it happen?
How does this hapen?
How Dr Eziza save my relationship
How He Broke My Heart...
How I found The Blues
How I knew I was worth nothing.
How I met my Soulmate
How I said I love you
How I Want My Honeymoon To Be!!
How I Want My Wedding To Be!!
How i was stupid to loose the girl i loved.
how it all happened..
How it happend....
How jesus change my life
How Long Do I Have to Wait?
How Love Got In The Way ! :D
How much I love her
How much pain can one take..?
How my boyfriend came back to love me more
How my life went with a couple of kids in my school
How things Changed, for the Better
How to make him says : i love you
How will I survive?
HuM BhUL GaYe uSE........... Shayad wo fir bhi bhula nahi....
Hurt me all the way
Hurt really bad
Hurting inside
Hurting myself
Hustlers heart
I Actually Fell In Love Over A Phone!
I admit I STILL LOVE HIM eventhough im BETRAYED!!!
I am a looser today............. just for today..
I am a survivor
I am dying inside
I am happy but confused .. WHY SHE DID THIS TO ME (PART II)
I am in love
I am in love and confused
I am in love with my mother in law
I am just so scared
I am losing the love of my life! Help!!!!!
I am not obsessed, I am in love
I am responsible
I am so madly in love with this guy.. tell me wat i should do??
I am so much inlove
I Am Unbroken
I am your LOve, your Light
I apologize for the pain I have caused
I backstabbed a friend for love
I believed in `till death do us part`
I bet you'll never remember half the things I'll never forget.
I can never love anyone else....
I can only hope
I cannot beg anymore
I cannot decide
I cannot let go
I cant bare the sight anymore
I cant believe
I cant believe it ! <3
I cant get her
I cant live without you
I cant loose her nor c
I cant understand where we went so wrong
I can't
I can't believe how much he means to me.....
I can't believe it (this is quite long)
I can't forget him
I can't get her out of my head even though she still loves another
I can't like him!
I can't seem to get over him
I can't understand him
I can`t let go
I care for him
I could not see that he would break my heart
I couldn't Tell Him I loved Him
I created my own heartache
i damaged my love with drugs
I did everything
I didnt understand Him
I didn't mean to make you mine
I Didn't See it Coming
I didn't take the opportunities I had...........
I DO love him (quite a long story)
I DO love him (quite a long story)
I do still love you
I don't know yet?
I dont even know how to title this </3
I dont know what any of this means
I dont know what to do
I Dont know what to do
I dont know who to choose
I dont like feeling this way
I don't know if loves me and I don't think he does.
I don't like him but i love him
I don't need a man to complete me !
I don't understand is it love or not?
I don`t know what to do
I don`t know what to do anymore
I don`t need him to have a life
I don`t want to wake up
I fall inlove in my bestfriend
I fell 4 a red head
I fell for my Doctor
I fell for my father's body guard
I fell in love again...this time i am blessed...
I fell in love in 8th grade..
I fell In love with an angel
I fell in love with my best friend
I fell in love with my manager
I fell in love with my manager
I fell inlove with my student....
I fell inlove with my student....
I finally found him, but now im dying!!!
I finally started it
I fought the odds, and WON!
I Found Everything I wanted
I found love in my best friend......
I found the one i will be with forever.
I gave everything
I gave it all but never got it back..
I got married because i was drunk. .but i'm happy
I got what I deserved
I guess I asked for it......
I guess im not good enough....
I guess it wasnt ment to be :(
I guess I'll never know
I had to say goodbye
I hate her.
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him but i love him
I hate how much i love you MAR..
I hate this feeling
I hate to be inlove, but then..
I HATE you...But....I love you
I HATE you...But....I love you
I Have a Problem
I have a question
I have been dating this guy for 4months on June 16th.....
I have lost
I hope that he will come to realize
I just broke in two
I just cant stop loving him
I just can't win
I just dont know what to do anymore
I just have to tell someone.
I just want back the man I married
I kew i love you before i met you
I knew he was the one...
I knew i Loved you before i met you...
I knew I was the Rebound
I knew it wasnt the truth
I know i love you but do you love me....?
I know you are shining down on me
I left my heart in Chicago
I let him go
I like this lad but....
I lost my life
I Lost My Love
I lost my love ...... :(
I lost my soul mate forever
I lost my soulmate....
I lost someone I never had
I lost them both.
I lost what I never had
I Love <33 him. does he love me?
I love Her
I love her 7879
I Love Him
I love him as a friend
I love him before, but now.. i'm not sure!
I love him but does he love me?
I love him but he hurt me:/
I love him but i wish i didnt
I love him so much i can't see him!
I love him too much
I love him...He loves her
I love him..he loves me..but why?
I love life again
I love my gran
I love u
I love you
I love you
I love you ...
I love you and always will
I Love You Came Too Late - by muffin
I love you came too late2 by: muffin
I love you not
I love you till the end ....
I love you!!!!
I love you, GLBert
I Love you-killer words
I loved her, you loved her, i love you!!!
I loved him
I loved him more than I know
I loved him so much
I loved him...
I loved you and trusted you, how could u break my heart like this?
I loved you:|
I loved, but I was fooled
I made a bad choice, will pay forever
I married my blind date
I married the wrong man
I messed up bad --long.
I Messed Up My Life
I met him during spring break at my neighbor's house.
I Met My True Love
I met the most wonderful person in the world
I miss her
I miss him
I miss my boyfriend
I miss my love.
I miss you and want omeone to love me.
I miss you, dream girl.
I must go on
I need advise. please give this writing a minute of your time. thank you
I need help
I need help from all readers plz giv me a idea
I need help!!
I need to close the door
I need to stop loving you
I never could let go
I never knew
I never see him
I once loved like in a fairy tale
I Once Never Knew What Love Was All About. (Long Story)
I pray that I heal
I put away sense and reason and let my heart run
I really loved you...
I really miss him......... where is he?
I really really like him..i'm crazy over him!!!
I Remember the Boy and the Feelings...
I said yes!!
I seriously need help
I should have known
I should have known....
I still cannot trust
I still cry myself to sleep
I still deeply in LOVE with my BESTFRiEND :(
I still dont know if it's over...
I still have hope
I still love her
I still love her...........
I still love him
I Still Love Him
I still love him and always!!!!!
i still love him so much...
I still love him...
I still love u.........
I still love you
I still love you
I still love you . . .
I still love you PDL
I still love you, Baby that’s the truth.
I still love you.
I still luv him
I think I am loosing my mind and I am angry with love!!
I think im inlove with my bf cousin part2
I think im inlove with my bf cousin..
I think that maybe, Im possibly falling for you.
I thought Chad was heaven sent..
I thought he was mine
I thought he was the love of my life
I thought he's the one..
I thought his the one
I Thought I Knew You...
I Thought I Knew You...
I thought I was going to die
I thought it was forever
I thought it was love
I Thought It was Real
I thought that I was right to be unhappy
I thought that was True Love :(
I thought there was something else...
I thought we are
I thought we're friends...
I Thought You Wanted To Be With Me 4 Ever?
I try but i can't really want to hurt him
I turned him straight
I Waited too long.
I wanna be the reason.....
I want him to stay...
I want to change what happened
I want to give you the world
I want to let go
I want to let go but
I want to tell him
I was hurt by the man i love
I Was In His Hands
I was in love with my brother's best friend.
I was just a rebound!
I was so STUPID!!!!
I was supposed to be with you my princess, but it wasn’t to be.
I was the warmth she said
I Was There First
I was wrong..
I wil die waiting...
I will always love him
I will always love him - for the rest of my life.
I will always love him xxx <3
I will always love you
I will always love you...
I will love you always
I will never fall in love again!
I will never forget
I will never forget him
I will never forget u
I will never forget you......
I will never get over him, will I?
I will revenge!
I will wait for you<3
I will wait.
I wish
I Wish (Part I)
I wish (part II)
I Wish I Can Get Him Back Again !
I wish I hadn't fallen in Love
I wish id never let you go
I wish it was you
I wish to love him
I wish you could know
I wish..
I wishh.....
I wonder
I won't say I'm in Love....
I worry all the time
I would do anything for you.
I would never want to know - What if?
I'm Here
I'm in love with a guy that I cannot be with
I'm not worth the love I so desperately want!
I'm so lost and scared
I've loved him for almost 3 years
If he really loved me
If i can only turn back time..
If i had one wish
If i know love i must hate it,
If it is love, let it go!
If Only
If only
If Only
If only fate would make up its mind..
If only he could see what we could be.
If only he could stay
If only he knew... well... now he does.....
If only he's mine....
If only i cud tUrn back the time
If she only knew of this love
If she only knew that I am dying
If we always feel cheated in a relationship this is a must read…
If we always feel cheated in a relationship this is a must read…
If we had....
If we meet again
If wishes were horses
If you love him - set him free
If you only knew
Iim sorry
Ilove him ,until n0w..
Im bi and everyone knows it
Im confused best friend or lover?
Im deserve real love
Im Going nuts
im in love with a guy and he dont even know it help me!!!!!
Im in love with my friend
Im in love with my friend
Im in love with someone i dont even know
Im tired
Im Tired of Breaking
Im young and hopeless
Im yours
Impossble love
Impossible Love
Impossible love
Impossible love - please help
In and Out of Love.
In love
In love and never want to get out!
In love no matter what!
In love with a friend
In love with a man who left
In love with a married man
In Love with a prostitute
In love with a stranger
In love with gay best friend
In love with my best bud.
In love with my ex
In love with the idea of being in love
In Love With The Same Man
In love with the worlds most wonderful man
In my heart (poem)
In my heart forever
In need for help
Incomplete Love
Incomplete love story
Incomplete love story
Inconspicuous love
Internet Love
Internet love, It can happen
Internet relationships
Invisible by: kacy richardson
Irony of love
Is goodbye forever?
Is he the guy for me??
Is he the one for me???
Is it ever really perfect?
Is it love
Is it love or notd
Is it love?
Is it my fault?
Is it real??
Is it really Love?
Is It True?
Is love for us ment to be
Is Love Real?
Is love real?
Is the love still there?
Is the still love there - reply
Is there a cure for a broken heart
Is there any hope after all these years?
Is this love ?
Is this love or is this lust??
Is this Love?
Is this love???????
Is this lust,love, or just plain crazy!
Is this real love?
It all started with a cup of coffee
It all started with a cup of coffee
It came out of nowhere and ended out of nowhere.
It don't breakeven
It Exists
It felt so right??
It Happened Again
It happened one night 'continued'
It happened one night!
It Happened To Me Too
It hurts
It hurts alot.
It hurts but its true
It hurts that much.......
It hurts to love you
It hurts you know
It is not worth it
It may be long but you won't regret it...Sarah Jilg
It may be long but you won't regret it...Sarah Jilg
It Must Be A Guy Thing!...
It Never Fails
It never meant to be
It turned out to be "love"
It used to be my dreamed love story!
It Vanished....All of Sudden!!
It was a match made in history
It Was God.
It was over
It was so unexpected....
It was too late
It wasnt real
It wasn't meant to be I suppose...
It way be long but you won't regret it...
It will hurt for a while
It will...
It´s been a while.... pt. 1
It´s been a while.... pt. 2
It's Time To give up!
Its a mad world??
Its complicated
Its like dream come true and fall back into pieces.
Its like i only need him to breathe
Its making me suicidal!!
Itt just happend
Itz jz a matter of "i thought"
It'll never end
It's called karma.
It's hard to say goodbye to the one you really love..
It's just that..
It's Killing Me Inside!
It's not about love life but i know you will inspired this
It's over
It's Simple So Why Is It So Hard...
It's too late now
It's what you deserve
It`s not going to be easy
Ive change because of him<3
i'l never get over him...
I'll Always Love Him
I'll always love u...
I'll get back up
I'm an idiot when it comes to relationships.
I'm badly in love with my bestfriend...:(
I'm done believing everyone
I'm glad to have you with me...
I'm hurt when he has somebody else..
I'm just another GF
I'm mourning her but she's still alive
I'm over it
I'm sorry
I'm trapped...
I'm wishing but I'm not hoping
I've Been Waiting For You...
I`ll keep dreaming
I`ll love you forever
I`ll try my best to explain - Updated
I`m falling out of love
i`m in love with a kid
I`m missing him
I`m still loving him
I`m still the same girl
I`m the happiest I`ve ever been
I`ve got no soul to sell
Ja Dro Lung Gi
Jab Banaa uskaa hi banaa
Jacob or Luke
Jamshaid khaan madar chodh playing with girls and took a girl frm me whii loved aloooot!
Janesville 2, feelings of destiny
Janesville; coming back to life
Jeff , where are you ?
Jeff, will I ever find you ?
Jerks on board
Jesus love you!!
Joe's little superman
Journal - She messes with me
July 4th 2012
Just a friend
Just a moment
Just a sad end
Just a star in the sky
Just a thought __ade
Just a Year of becoming stronger
Just an illusion
Just another 14 yr old girl...
Just Another Season
Just another story of finding love....
Just another story...
Just as i thought
Just call me your angel
Just Down the Road
Just Friends
Just friends?
Just gone...
Just let me say.
Just like the song: "Blue eyes blue" of Eric Clapton.
Just simple simle
Just the little sister
Just the `other` girl
Just too hurt
Just want you to be happy
Just what I needed...
K: My Best Friend's Boyfriend
Kapag ko ay nagmahal..
KARMA Isn't it
KARMA nga bah o TANGA lang talaga????
Karma turned to happy ending Part 1
Karma turned to happy ending Part 2
Kbhi pyar mat krna
Keep Bleeding Love
Keep the way You feel anonymous.
Keeping the love in silence
Keeping the love in silence...
Kht sinung humadlang sa pag iibigan nio hindi yan msisira kung nandyan ang tiwala sa isat isa :]]]
Killing concern
King and Queen of Hearts
Kiss me in the poring rain!
Kiss the Rain
Knew at first glance...
Know what is LOVE
Knowing that I will never see him again.........
Knowing the truth.
Knowing when to let go, no matter how much it hurts
Koochu- a doomed love affair
Krow & Owl
Kyle and Anna in Los Angles
Kyle Was The One
L0ve is blind
Lady Love
Last Kiss
Last Words
Laudate Vestrum
Learning through pain
Learning to let go those gorgeous blue eyes
Leave me nothing but confusion
Leaving somebody you love
Left and forgotten
Left me alone on the beach side.....
Left with a broken heart
Lessons in true love sometimes means letting go
Let his heart take charge
Letter to my lost love
Letter to Paul
Letter; Never Sent
Letting go
Letting Go in Pain
Letting go is hard... but you can DO it:)
Letting go is nothing short of hell
Letting go just to say " I LOVE YOU"
Letting Go of a Bad Friendship
Letting go of what is not by :kacy richardson
Lht acting lng pla
Liar Liar
Lies and pain
Lies disguised as love
Lies men tell
Life after a heavy burden, and a hero who came to save me
Life after abuse
Life is funny that way isn't it
Life is incredible - and we live it everyday
Life is nothing but conundrum
Life is nothing but conundrum __ade
Life is so important to give up on
Life Moves on!
Life must go on (without you)
Life plays the funniest games
Life Time Love
Life, lost and found again
Lifetime love by crazy girl (Aks)
Life`s blessed love
Like a beautiful rose that just withered away
Like him??? Love Him!!
Like this..with no reason
Like you
Listen to your heart... before you say goodbye
Living with the pain abortion causes
Lond distance ..
Lonely and confused
Lonely heart. :- (
Lonely Hearts Club
Lonely Hunter
Lonely Monday
Lonely nights 4 ever more
Lonely without you
Long Ago Affair
Long ago love
Long distance
Long distance
Long distance
Long Distance
Long distance breakup
Long distance got me
Long Distance Heart Breaker/Lover.
Long distance love
Long Distance Relationship Impossible?Think Again
Long distant love goese good
long lost
Long lost love.
Long time love
Long Waited Love Story
Looking back ...i still dream of you
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for Miss Wrong
Looking on the bright side...
Loove stinks
Lose hope...or keep fighting?
Losing love
Losing love is life`s greatest pain
Losing ones you love
Losing something you never really had
Losing the ones you Love
Lost and found
Lost and Found...
Lost and Never found.
Lost feelings
Lost in Love
Lost in Love
Lost in Translation
Lost life
Lost love
lost love
Lost Love
Lost love
Lost love:when an old friend doesn't respond!!!
Lost Son
Lost soul
Lost Stars
Lost true love
Love & Betrayal..
Love & hurt
Love ??
Love afar
Love Always Find A Way
Love and a friendship that will last forever
Love and Fate
Love and loss
Love and Lost
Love and memories
Love and only love
Love and Pride
Love as Fast as a Bus Stop
Love at a young age
Love at age 10 and 11
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at First Sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight-still together 27 years later
Love at First Sight.
Love at first sight?
Love at first site
Love at first text....then it all went bad:(
LOve burts so dont't fall for it to quick
Love can be cruel
Love Change Everything....
Love comes swiftly
Love confusion
Love Conquers All
Love Depression
Love Divided By A Nation
Love ends everything....
Love eventualy dies
Love for a little boy and his grandma
Love found and Lost
Love Found in Random
Love found me - Updated
Love from across the seas
Love from Ukraine
Love full of hate
Love Gone Wrong
Love gone wrong
Love Gone Wrong
Love happens only once
Love happens only once the rest is just life...i ll always love you.
Love happens only once..
Love has made me so much stronger.
Love Hits You Where It Hurts!
Love hurts
Love Hurts
love hurts
Love Hurts
Love Hurts
Love Hurts
Love hurts
Love hurts
Love hurts
Love hurts
Love hurts
Love Hurts
Love hurts
Love hurts when YOU TRY TO GET EVEN
Love Hurts.... (same author from True Love: Girl + Girl)
Love impossible
Love in Heaven
Love in phone
Love in phone
Love in the city
Love in the wrong time
Love in the wrong time
Love inside the stupid silence
Love is a hard slow lesson
Love is a sweet pain
Love is a wonderfull feeling..
Love is all i want
Love is blind
LOVE IS BLIND..... its blinded me
LOVE IS BLIND..... its blinded me part 1
Love is Complicated
Love is complicated
Love is Complicated
Love is confusing
Love is hard to understand
Love is hard when you live 1000 miles apart
Love Is in the Air~This is my story.
Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning
Love is like the wind u cant see it but u can feel it
Love is love
Love is never real
Love is not for everyone
Love is pain
Love is pain
Love is painful
Love is risky
Love is Sacrifice
Love is short, forgetting is so long
love is so complicated
Love Is So Hard Don't Get Caught In It's Net!
Love is sweeter the second time around...
Love is too strong
Love is very long distance for us. . .
Love is very strong
Love is.... Hard...
Love is..........
Love Isn't Enough
Love it and Let Go
Love joining 2 countries, 2 cultures
Love Keeps Dangling the Carrot
Love keeps my life intersting
Love ko nga ba sia?
Love lasts forever
Love like Roger and Mimi
Love Lost
Love love n only love ...
Love makes dead to Alive.......Alive to dead.......
Love makes life beautiful
Love makes you do crazy things
Love me Hate me But happy :D
Love never felt before, unbelieveable
Love nga naman
Love of beauty.
Love of my life
Love of my life
Love of my life
Love of my life
Love of my life, soul mate, my best friend.
Love on Cape Cod
Love only for adults...lies
Love or crush
Love or friends ?
Love or lust
Love Or Lust ?????
Love or lust?
Love over Lust
Love paramore
Love really is blind.
Love reunited after 25 years
Love seems imposssible
Love shock
Love Sick
Love sick
Love sick
Love sometimes hurts but give it time it can happen again!
Love stinks, men are pigs!
Love stor of a pure soul
Love story
Love story
LOve Story
Love story
Love story
Love Story 2010
Love story 2895843t83jgj
Love story gone wrong
Love story of two young people
Love Story that never end
Love story unknown
Love Sucks
Love sucks, it's great to begin with - sucks in the end
Love That Can Never Be
Love that killed
Love that lasts forever
Love that never died but was lied and it was dead evrythink gonee xxx
Love that's 5 hours apart
Love the one your with? or the one you cant be with?
Love through a tragic loss continued (the last part)
Love through a tragic loss continued (theres 1 last part.. please read I need advice real bad)
Love through a tragic loss(theres another 1/2 it just wouldnt let me put it on 1 page)
Love thru msn...
Love to be given another chance at a later date
Love triangle
Love triangle .
Love turned into Dislike
Love turns nasty
Love unfolded
Love Until the End
Love wasn't meant to be easy
Love wasted
Love wid bestfrend...
Love will come - poem
Love will stand the test of time
Love won't let us give up
Love You Forever
Love you from beginning to FOREVER
Love You.
Love You.
Love, Axel
LOVE, Can’t you see I’m Alone?
Love, lust and ego and when to draw the line
Love-LESS artes..
love...... JEET
Love: Why is he playing with my heart??
Loved and left
Loved and left
Loved or used?
Lover, i wan't you back.
Lovers united
Lover's and Friend's
Loves a Race
Lovin Lovee Story
Loving a Beggar
Loving a boy.
Loving a married man
Loving a Married Man
Loving again
Loving From a Distance
Loving Lisa - An open letter on love for all
Loving My Sister's Ex- Lover
Loving pregnant
Loving somebody from another country who travels
Loving the one who never be mine.. "Blue Rose"
Loving too much but that love was wrong..but I really can't help to fall inlove
Loving you before you can love him
Loving you until the end
Loving your best friend
Loving `me` for a while
Lucky Day
Lucky sighting
Lust or love?
Luv is no wer
Maa luv shayada....
Mad at him or mad at her
Mad feeling
Made up fantasy love story
Magic of Love
Mah First Love
Mahal cu xya,,,khit alam kong masasaktan lang acu!!!!
Mahal ko ang Bestfriend Ko..!
Mahal ko ang Bestfriend Ko..!
Mahal ko xah pero wala na tiwala ko sa kanya...
Mahal nya ako, di nya lang alam. . .manhid siya!!!
Mahal pa rin kita
Mahirap mag mahal ng seminarista
Mahirap pala pag mahal mo siya
Mahirap pala pag mahal mo siya
Maling pag ibig
Maling pag mamahal...
man of my dreams
Man of my dreams
MaNhId kABa
MaNhId kABa
Maniniwala ba tlga ako ?
Many things happend
Many years but truely in love!!
March-october 2009
Mariah dha love of my life
Mark Diaz
Married guy
Married my best friend
Married Women
Martyr woman
Martyr woman
Martyr woman
Martyrdom because of love
Maryland love
Masama bang mahalin ang best friend ng higit sa pagkakaibigan
Masama bang mahalin ang best friend ng higit sa pagkakaibigan
Matt is mine, forever and for always
Max broke my heart
May AngeL-0
Maybe we will have our chance
Maybe it's just a sophistical friendship
Maybe one day ill be ok
Me and Him Forever
Me and Jerry Haines
Me and my baby
Me and my lost love
Me and My Only Bhaby Chan "My Life"
Me and myself
Me and myself
Me RAHULLLLLLLLLL Just Romantic Person...................................
Me, In Love!
Meant for each other
Meant to be
Melinda, mi miel
MERi khAmoSHiya <3
Message in code
Messed up life
Messed up mother in law
Metamorphosis for love...?(Part 2)
Metamorphosis for love??
Meteor Shower
Michael My Love
Middle school love
Military wife.
Miltary and a love story
Minsan lang
Miracle By Chance © Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007)
Miracles do happen even after 27 years
Misled for too long
Miss her everyday
Miss You
Missed ones
Missed Oppertunities...
Missing him so badly
Missing out on love.
Missing the other side of me
Missing you
Missing you
Missing you majj
Mistakes are made so we can learn from them.
Mistakes high school to college to heart ache
Mixed emotions
Mixed love
Moon and Sun
Moon cheese blob
Moon cheese blob
More than friends, less than lovers..
More than friends, less than lovers..
Mother who lost custody to an abuser
Mountains and Valleys
Mourning lost love
Moving on
Moving On
Moving on
Moving on!!
Mr Ben and Eddie. The one that got away.
Mr Perfect - not so perfect
Mr. Perfect or imperfect?
Mr. Perfect?
Mr. Right - Just not meant for me
Music is the Language of Love
Music, Love, Military and Miles
Must be Nice
My true love.
My 10 dollar bill
My 17 year old love....
My African Queen
My all, my love
My Allan
My amazing boyfriend, and Me!
My angel
My Angel
My Angel
My Angel
My angel - grandma
My answered prayer
My baby
My baby
My baby forever
My baby..
My beautiful love story
My best friend
My Best Friend
My best Friend
My best friend
My Best Friend
My Best Friend
My Best Friend
My Best Friend and True Love
My Best Friend part 2
My best friend stole my boyfriend!
My best friend, my first love
My best friend....
My Best Friend's Brother
My best mate
My Best mistake...
My bestfriend
My bestfriend my best enemy!!,,,,
My bestfriend...
My bestfriends
My Bestfriends and my Boyfriend.
My biggest mistake
My biggest problem is that I love him
My bleeding heart still hopes..
My Blessed First love..
My boss, my boyfriend
My boyfriend
My boyfriend's classmate"
My boyriend...I wish
My Brothers Friend.
My cavalry man
My Christmas list of Blessings:
My cousin stole my husband
My Crush
My crush is inlove with my bestfriend
My crush of 1 year
My Cutting Story
My Dearest Scott
My desprate lover
My Destiny
My dEstiNy!!!!!!!!
MY DESTINY. maybe. i wish.
My destiny..
My Dixieland delight
My dog
My dream
My dream boy n my love ... :( :)
My dreams are confusing me
My everything
My everything
My Ex-Best Friend
My Fairy
My fairy tales real life ending, true love is not all you need
My fairytale
My Fairytale?
My father
My fault
My Fault, My Price to Pay
My fears made me miss a chance of love
My Fiance
My first and forever
My first and last love
My first and last love
My first and last?..
My first and only love
My first boyfriend
My First BoyFriend ..
My first boyfriend by M.D.A.
My First Heartbreak
My First Impossible Love And My Only Love
MY FirSt Lo0vE!!!!!
My first love
My First Love
My First Love
My First Love
My first love
My first love
My first love
My first love
My first love
My first love
My First Love
My first love
My first love and broken heart
My First Love and regrets
My first love introduced me to my soul mate
My first love My first Heartache ......Never again
My first love that broke me...
My First Love Won't Die
My first love(anthony)
My first love, I want him back
My first love... but I`m not his (I think)
My first lover
My first mistake................
My first n last true love...
My first pain, my first close boy friend, my first cry for a boy
My First Real Love
My first time to fall in love
My first true love
My First True Love
My fitelyn
My friend; became as my girl;
My friends love me so
My futile love
My girl
My grandparents
My greatest love
My greatest love..
My greatest romantic tressure
My Guy
My guy
My Habibi
my happy ending
My happy love life
My Heart Will Never Mend
My heart aches
My heart belongs to you, but my future belongs to him
My heart fall into pieces
My heart fall into pieces
My heart goes on beating
My heart has been broken
My heart hurts
My heart in his pocket in heaven
My heart is broken....
My heart lives: I know because it`s broken
My Heart Will Remain Broken Forever!
My heartache
My heartache story
My heartache story
My heartache story
My hero
My High School Experience
My Horrible Life
My husband
My husband and my houseguests affair
My Husband Death
My husband doesn`t know !!
My Immortal Love
My impossible guy
My Indescribable Pain
My insecurities made him go
My internet love
My lesson in love
My life
My life
My life as a Transgender MtF
My life lesson from one relationship
My life story
My Life, my love, my hope
My little friend that died!!!
My lollypop
My Lost Fiance
My Lost Love
My Lost Love
My lost love (poem)
My lost love of my life
My lost soul mate
My love
My Love
My love
My love
My love
My love
My love
My Love ( A True Story)
My Love and Best Friend
my love and i, our story unlike others
My love for him
My love is GOD gifted
My love is my dream
My love next door
My love now and forever
My love of my life
My love story
My Love Story
My love story
My Love Story
My love story
My love story
My Love Story by AShlei_027@yahoo.com
My love story x
My love story,,,,,,
My Love Tragedy
My love tshewang..(never dying)
My love, a coincidence
My love, My life
My love, my life, my Imran
My love, who had a lover
My love...
My Love.....
My loving heart is gone
My luck
My man left me with 2 kids to raise
My man left me with 2 kids to raise
My man left me with 2 kids to raise
My man.......---->
My missing rib is not her but him..
My mom
My never ending love for him
My new life
My not so happy ending
My obbessive
My old friend
My one and only
My one and only
My one and only true love b????
My one true love
My one true love...I wish he knew
My only girl
My only love
My only love john benzon
My Other Half
My own demons...
My own piece of heart break
My pain My Confusion My life
My painful Act of Love
My place I go
My prince
My prince and soulmate
My Puppy Love
My Red Wedding-Memory Forever
my religion will not accept him. I cant be with him!
My Sad Love Story
My sad story
My Scots Soulmate
My secrit crush
My shattered fairytale
My silence
My sister love story
My skater boy....
My Smile, My Head Held Up High, My Hidden Pain, My Lost Love
My so-called love
My soul mate
My special Friend Gordon
My special one will be together soon...i hope
My Story
My story
My story
My story
My story
My Story
My story
My story :(
My Story of Us
My story.
My stupid love
My suicide soulmate
My Sun
My suposed best friends caused me to loose the one guy i really cared about.
My sweet love story
My Sweetest Down fall
My sweetest Romance
My text mate
My three loves
My Time has Come...
My transatlantic love
My trip to Kharkov/Ukraine
My true life fairytale
My true love
My True Love
My true love
My true love with donna sarratt
My true love....
My true Prince
My trusting heart is broken
My undenying love for my bestfriend
My Unexpected Love
My unrequited love story
My unrequited love story part II
My unrequited love story part III
My unrequited love story part IIII
My unrequited love story part IIIII
My Vacation Crush and Boyfriend
My Vacation Crush and Boyfriend
My vague story to share
My very best friend
My virginity
My whole life's a big Ache.. Every single day...
My Wish ...For Alec
My wits end
My wonderful child
My worst vacation
My `BJ`
Na inlove ako sa kanya..
Na-inlove kay seatmate.
Nag mahal lng ako
Nagsimu;la sa text ..
Nahuli lang ba o torpe lng talaga??
Nainlabb lang..
Natuturuan ang Puso.
Near death experience, a journey back
Need some help
Needing help , getting no where
Needing him
Needs help
Needy desperate sick pathetic.
Neha & vikram
Never again
Never assume
never chase the past!
Never coming
Never date you best friend
Never ending story?
Never enough
Never Fall For Your Best Friend......
Never forget
Never Forget
Never forgotten, i love you
Never give up
Never go back!
Never knew it would end up like this
Never know what you got, till it is gone
Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
Never let your heart go cold
Never miss a genuine opportunity
Never saw it coming
Never say never
Never stopped
Never thought id find Mr. Wonderful
Never thought of it this way
Never to Have a Happily Ever After
Never to old to be hurt
Never Too Late
Never, trust, Never Hopes
Never-ending Heartache
Nice Guys Finish Last
Nick 3.29.11
Night in the park
No answers
No dance will ever be the same
No feelings at all
No Greater Love!
No hope
No matter what they say think or do...
No more lonely knights
No more please
No one can replace u here in my heart
No room to heal
No Where to Begin
None has done till now.. what i am doing...?
None of its fair. Please answer my plea for hope.
Not an usual story
Not Just A High School Romance !
Not just another love story...
Not Just "Another" Highs School Love Story
Not knowing...
Not meant for each other
Not meant to last forever
Not one day goee by that i dont wish you were mine.
Not really heartache as it is love
Not So Good
Not so True Love
Not the sure...maybe he's the wrong piece...
Not what i thought he was
Nothing can stop us now
Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
Nothing Hurts More.
Nothing`s changed
O how amazing
O my heart
Of Courage and Uncertainty - ESPY
Oh God
Oh gosh i feel so bad
Oh so far a way
Old song & somebody
On and Off
On and off.
On love and lust
Once Again
Once i had love.............
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime love
Once in my life
Once Upon a Heartbreak
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time
One and only.
One can never forget the first crush
One can only take so much
One chapter of my life
One day hapen with me
One day I'll look and you won't be there.
One end of the spectrum the other
One for love-other for money
One friend makes all the difference
One love
One man was crushed on one girl
One month of hapiness
One More Chance
One More Pain
One night Stand
One or the other - forbidden love
One piece missing
One sided love
One Sided Love
One small miracle
One Summer Evening
One time.. at church camp
One true love
One True Love
One true love..
One way love
one way love....
Online love is it possible???
Only him
Only love
Only me
Only memories will last
Only One I Want
Orphans bf story
Other girl
Ouch - my heart hurts
Our first kiss
Our future
Our hearts are together but we can`t be
Our lives will never be the same
Our love story
Our love story that faded away
Our Story
Our story so far
Our weird relationship
Our wonderful love, against all odds
Over and Over
Over these miles
Overcoming oppression
Paalam na
Pain After Making Love
Pain is temporary, but life goes on.
Pain Leading To A Meaningful Life
Pain of Everyday.
Pain of loving
pain on an anniversity
Pain that comes with life
Pain That I've Felt.
Painful love
Painful Love Triangle
Painful love...
Painful One-Sided Love
Painfully i loved you
PAins of love
Palabas lan pla!!
Pangarap k na lang b?
Papa was a rolling stone
Parents getting in the way of real love.
Parents looking down
Patience is a virtue
Patience is the virtue
Patrick - my only love
Patuloy na Umaasa
Pay attention.
Pehla Pyar true Love Story
Perfect combination
Perfect couple..
Perfect love
Perhaps one day
Phone (Real Story)
Phone number
Pieces of Broken heart
Player Hater
Playful , But True
Playing hard to get (4 day story)
Please forgive me.......
Please Help Me!!!!
Please help. I am lost.
Please make the pain stop
Please Wait sagar love story
Pls teach me,,,,,,,
Posthumous narration of life and of love
Pretending to not love him kills me! HELP!
Pride ruined the angels~ ~Emerson
Prince Charming
Prince of my heart
Promise to forever
Promised hope
Puppy heart broken
Puppy love
Pyaar me dard nahi hota hai
Pyar aur Kismat
Pyar aur kismat part 2
Pyar aur kismat [MAIN PART]
PYAR KI YE EK KAHANI by chetnarayan
Pyar Me Balidaan Ki Kahani.
Questions of my heart
R@$mï&$uîtëé lv story.
Rahul. I am telling abt my sweey heart TAMANNA.
Rainy Tuesday
Ravi and seema
Re-crushing Him
Read it and weep...
Read these stories
Real Life Romeo and Juliet
Real love
Real Love
Real or fantasy??!!!
Real story of mine " Hindi lang Ikaw"
Realization sets in
Rebecca and Robert
Recalling Manchester
Reconnected yet were not able to be together
Rejection and pain
Rejection and pain
Rejection and pain
Rejection and pain
Rejection and pain 2
Remember Me Always
Rememberance, by Philip
Replaced, how sad is that?
Replacing the love
Right Love at the Wrong Time
Right under my nose!
Ripped apart
Ripped in two
Robin's Song
Sacha pyar
Sad , heartbroken n true story ...
Sad Christmas: one ball, one bone, the hole is filled, three stones on top
Sad Confused Teenager
Sad love story
Sad Story
Sad story, so true
Sad.............. and sadddddd..............
Saddest day
Saddest love story ever..
Sakit sa puso
Salamat burger...!!!!!!!!!!
Same guy.
Samuel & Mike
Sana ikaw na.......
Sana kami nalang !
Sana mas maaga!!!
Sana siya na nga
Sana... sayang... bakit?
Saputara...a love place
Save me
Save the Last walk
Saw You Once.. Then It Was Over...
Sawing Pag-ibig
Sawing Pag-ibig
Sawing Pag-ibig
Sawing Pag-ibig
Sawing Pag-ibig
Sawing Pag-ibig
Saying goodbye
Saying goodbye to chat world
Scars of love
Sch Life Ka Love
Seasons of my life
Second chance
Second time around
Secret Crush
Secret Love
Selfish love
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Shackled feet
Shadows in the Dark(Ouch !it hurts!)
She could not say no to her mom-ever
She Cries
She doesn`t want to be with me
She gave up on me
She has issues
She hurt me bad
She is elder than me!!!
She is living my dream
She is manipulating me
She isn`t worth my emotions
She loves him , he hates her!!
She loves me like no other and I love her, even though we live miles apart.
She says she loves me
She sent me away to leave me
She strayed
She was a girl...
She was strong
She will always have my heart
She's Not Pregnant, just Very Alone
She'd hate him for that
She's gone...and i don't know where she is
She`s all I ever wanted
Short love
Shot at the heart
Should I feel bad about this?
Should i have to set him free?
Should i leave both of them or choose
Should I Wait For His Return?
Should she love him?
Should she love him?
Should she love him?
Should she love him?
Shy Love
Sickness. the tougth and him
Silence - poem
Silent Love
Silly Teenage Girl, Right?
Sinful love
Sins of the father.................................
Sitting and waiting
Six Days
Skinned Knees Are easier mended than broken hearts...
Sleepless in cornwall.
SLIM Morn, I really love him
Slipping in and out of my life
Slowly breaking apart
Small Angel
Small world <3 .
Smarter choices
So close yet too far
So close yet too far 2 (please comment)
So close yet too far 2 (please comment)
So close yet too far.
So close yet too far. part 3
So confused.Trying to FORGET.but it HURTS.
So in love
So much for my happy ending..
So much is lost
So much pain...
So near yet so Far
So near yet so Far
So sad
So their was this boy and this girl....
So theres this girl...
So there's this girl...
So thers this guy..
So this is what they say....
So typical of me
So worthy
Soldier boy
Somebody is hurt
Someday all of us had a story to tell
Someday, I pray
Someone Help im 13 and so in love its crazy
Someone special:)
Someone stupid....
Something I got off the internet
Something Real
Something to remember you
Sometimes love is just aint enough v.2 LUI&LUI
Sometimes love is just aint enough v.2 LUI&LUI
Somewhere Down the Road
Soul Crusher
Soul mates
Soul mates wait for each other
Soul-mate story real and true (Patience is a virtue) waited 5 years
Special Thru My Eyes
Spiritual love
Spring Break
Standing on the side of the Highway at 2am
Started at 11
Starting over again
Starting over, late in life!
Starving for love
stay away from me
Step up
STIAN, yes that's your name....
Still believing
Still holdin' on..
Still hurting
Still hurting... by choice?
Still i love her
Still in a daze
Still In Love
Still in love with him
Still in love.. it's not the end.
Still inlove
Still longing
Still love you
Still Loving
STILL missing him
Still no over you
Still not moving on
Still reaching for him
Still waiting
Still waiting 4 sum1
Still waiting...
Stolid heart
Story in progress
Story of Diamond
Story of me
Story of Nick Nhat Minh Chung.
Strange love
strangers in love..
Stuck Between Two Lovers
Stuck in the middle!
Stuck on her
Stupid boy
stupid decisions, or are they?
Stupid decisions, or are they? (2)
Stupid heartbroken teenager
Stupid in Love
Stupid Love
Stupid Me
Stupid me....i cant move on.....sad_angel
Such a cutie ...
Suddenly rejected
Suffering love
Summary of a Forbidden Young Love
Summer Class 1
Summer Class 2
Summer Heartbreak
Summer Not To Share
Summer vacation
Summer youth camp 08 lovestruck
Summmeeerrr camp
Surviving a Death
Surviving and thriving, almost
Sweets dont always cure heartbreaks
Sweetu n sweaty
Swing the heartache
Take the pain away
Take time
Taken for granted
Taken for granted
Taking the Blame
Talk Tom
Tanga ako !!
Tanga ako nun, pero hindi na ngayon....
Te amo aunk estemos tan lejanos.
Tean Dream
Tean Dream
Tear stained cheeks
Tears can keep the love stronger...
Tears keep on falling
Teddy Bear
Teenage cyber love
Teenage heartbreak
Teenage heartbreak
Teenage Love Story
Teenage vows
Tell me why?
Tell them before it`s too late
Telling how much i love you -kayekevin-
Ten years later
Tennis of my life!! "gie_rec"
Teri Tasveer...!!!
Terrible at love
Th3 Lif3 of a Lasbi3n
Thank God I found you
Thank You
Thank You for Your Forgiveness
Thanks To Voodoo Home gods +2347030759636
That awful feeling in my stomach
That day.
That was my intention
Thats not beeing a frind
the cheater
The 14 year old gorgeous Loser.
The Age difference is my heartache
The angel king
The angels sang
The bad boy.
The bad times
The Battle for Loves
The beautiful beginning
The best boyfriend in the world
The best day of my life / and the worst day of my life!!!
The Best Friend
The Best Friend
The best thing ever
The biggest decision of my life
The biggest mistake
The Blessing i calls Baby
The Blue Dress
The boy i love
The boy I love.
The Boy I Truly Love.
The boy i used to call Jojo...
The boy I was Babysitting with
The boy in the lil' bridge
The boy next door
The boy that became the man in my heart
The boy that I love
The bravest child I know
The broken heart
The Camp 4-4-2011
The chance that changed my life
The cheater
The cleeve park Jerry Springer show
The clever Emperor
The clever Emperor
The closer we are, the more pain I feel
The continuing love story of us
The courage we know
The Craziest Men in my Life
The crush I want to forget
The Crushed Heart
The day he stole my heart (crushed)
The day i broke down completely.
The day I knew...
The day i lost the love of my life x
The day I questioned who I am
The day i saw you
The day I started to fall
The Day That Changed My Life Forever
The day the monster invaded
The day we meet!!
The Day You Slipped Away.
The day you went away
The Deepest Scar
The Downfall of Percy Cution
The end
The End Isn't Always Happy
The end of summer
The evil rose died tonight! Amen!
The Fake Love
The Father in Him
The first kiss
The first kiss
The first kiss(my best friend)
The first love of a twelve year old
The first stages
The flame
The forbidden love
The forbidden love of Marie
The forbidden love of Zaliana
The forbiden rose
The Friend Zone
The girl at Uni
The Girl Beyond
The girl from the train
The girl I had to let go
The girl I left in janesville
The girl I wish I never met
The Girl in the Glass Ball
The Girl that I would die for...Shannon
The Good Shepherd.
The Greatest Love
The greatest love is right under your nose.
The guy down the street
The guy i can never have
The guy I still love so very much
The guy of my dreams
The Guy who I trust everything with.
The Happiest Days of My Life
The hardest heartbreak i have ever known
The hardest part in love, is letting go. . .
The hardest relationship
The heartbreaker.
The Hidden Truth
The hole in my heart
The hope for love is always strong, but not always capable
The Illness of my Mother and her journey to Heaven
The impossible love
The inevitable - Updated
The Invisible Love
The kiss that scarred me for life!
The Kitchen Floor
The Lady with fleas.
The last Kiss in the Rain
The life between me and him
The Life Without You
The little girl
The Locket
The loss of a close friend and heartbroken
The loss of faith
The love changed
The love I felt
The love of a good man
The love of my life
The love of my life
The Love of my life
The love of my life
The love of my life
The Love of my life
The love of my life
The love of my life
The love of my life!
The love of my life!!!!
The love of my life, The death of my heart
The love of my life?
The love remains
The love square
The love story...
The love that never was
The love that was pointless
The Love We Had
The magic of love
The man i fell in love with
The man i love
The man of my dreams? Not so much.
The man that I can never have By: jay-vee
The Man who let his angel Fly away
The man with a big heart
The married man
The Mason bunch
The missing part of me
The most painful thing in life
The movement stopped
The Music Of My Life
The Mystery of Love
The next girl around
The night to remember
The ocean that separates our love - poem
The old boy that I love
The one
The one
The One and Only true Love!
The one boy i actually love..
The one I let go...
The One I Love Doesn't Love Me
The One I Love Most
The one i will never forget
The one that got away
The one that got away
The one that got away
The one that got away
The one that got away...
The one that slipped away
The One True Love Of My Life
The one who caught my heart
The one who dreams
The one you love shoots the bullet at you
The only one for me
The only one.
The Other Woman
The other woman never wins
The Pain it Caused When I Had Loved Him
The pain lives on
The Pain of Unrequited Love
The Painful Past
The party that changed my life.
The Perfect Boyfriend.
The perfect man
The perfect proposal
The person that i will love forever<3333
The Phone Call I Almost Didn't Make.
The pineapple under the sea
The plane ride home
The promise
The Pure Love of her
The Red Rose
The Reformation
The regret of knowing Mr.Big
The right love at the wrong time...
The Rightful Person.... ",)
The ring
The Ring
The road
The Sad Story of Cupid and Psyche
The saddest story
The Same Lonely Feeling
The Scar that sleeps within
The season to come
The second boyfriend
The Secret Admirer
The Shell Thats Left
The Song
The Start Of A Heart Break.
The storm is over
The Story of My Heart
The Story of my Past Love
The story of true love at its worst.......
The Story That Hurt One Heart, But May Be A Lesson To Many
The story what still goes on
The straw that broke the camel's back
The sun is shining again
The sweetest day
The sweetest love story..Almost! by: kyle salindong
The Sweetheart
The Thing about C....
The thing they called 'MU'
The things he makes me feel..=)
The Treadmill
The Unexpected
The Unexpected
The unexpected fall for you
The Unforgettable Moon
The USB (part 2)
The veiled Love Story
The voice of destiny
The voice of the sea
The vows of heartache
The way that fate works
The Way That I Loved You :[
The Wilted Roses
The Worst Of... The Best Of!
The worst two weeks ever
The wrong Mr right!
The Wrong One
The Yearning
Then - Loved to be loved... Now JUST hate - "LOVE"
Then she went away
There is hope
There is more than the eye can see
There will always be a place in my heart for James
Theres Two??
These feelings that I can't seem to find
They said no, we said yes.
Thing would be better by your side!!
Things do happen for a reason
Thinking He Likes Me?
Thinking of her
Thinking of her (2)
Thinking of him
Thinking of you
Third betrayal
This guilty feeling
This is called true love!!!
This is me
This is my story
This Is What God Intended For Us
This isn’t a love story… well it kind of is, isn’t it?
This love is forever
This love is......
This man is so wonderful..he also brought my man back.. great oracle. am very much grateful SIR
This Pain is Real...
This special person
This Unique Girl
This was love at first sight
Thought he could was the one
Through rose-colored glasses
Thuga tiga
Tik tik tik who knock my heart door? u?!
Til my heart aches end
Till Death Do Us Part
Till my heartaches end
Time and Seperation
Time changes everything
Time for a new begining
Time to let go?
Timing is everything
Tiny Heart
Tired by kacy richardson
Tired of starting over
Tired of Waiting
To a boy
To a lover lost
To a person you might be the world
To Be a Good Friend
To be loved
To be told that he never love you and lied to all of these years
To feel is a Curse
To forget and move on
To Gary from me
To Gary; who is always in my heart
To Love Again
To love, to suffer , to stay together
To My Love Sandy, on our six month anniversary.
To young for me
To: Don't open your heart, too soon(Finale)
To: whistledown
Together ever since
Together Forever ..No matter what..~
Together Forever.
Too good to be true
Too hard without him
Too influenced
Too late
Too Late
Too Late
Too late to act
Too many people will get hurt
Too many people will get hurt
Too much
Too Much Error! written by: Ms. Freddie Anne Atienza
Too Much Error! written by: Ms. Freddie Anne Atienza
Too much loving=too much pain.. i dunno how to forget and love again?..
Too scared to love
Too trust again!
Too young
Too Young
Too Young For You
Torn between 2 guys
Torn between reason and feelings...
Torn Between Two Lovers
Torn between two loves
Torn between two.
Torn heart
Totally Broken
Totally confused
Touble on paradise island
Tough Love
Tough Love
Tragic Love
Tragic Love
Troubled Life.
True love
True friends
True friendship (Love & Trust)
True l0ve, l0st l0ve
True love
True Love
True love
True Love
True Love
True Love
True love
True love
True love
True love
True love
TRUE love
TRUE love
True love - moved on?
True Love - post break up
True love always waits
True love at last!
True Love But Never A Right Love (love that is never gone)
True love comes at once
True love defined
True love feels incredible
True love found possible
True Love found.
True Love hurts for a lifetime
True love hurts...
True love is amazing...
True love lost forever.
True love never die
True love never dies
True love never dies
True love never dies
True love never ends
True Love never ends...
True Love Never Fails
True love only happens once
True love sounds
True love story
True love takes time
True love understands
True love unexpected
True love waits
True love waits..
True love was ours then we lost it
True love... can forgive!!!
True love...so i thought
True Love: Girl + Girl
True loveS
True lovex
True Never Grows Old
True story...
Truly Sorry
Trust Is Good but Not to Trust Is Better
Trust your gut instincts!!!
Trusted, loved and lost
Trying to cope
Trying to Find Love
Trying to Find Love
Trying to let go
Trying to say goodbye
Turned to nothing
Turney by the sea
Twice And It Still Didn't Work Out...
Twice lost...
Two In One <3 by iamgaven
Two people
Two ships passing in the night
Two timer...
Two years leading to nothing
Two-timed sissy
Tyler phelps.
U and I
Umm .... NO ONE CARES!
Unable to Move On By Vince T.
Unanswered wishes
Unaware of his commitment
Unbearable love
Uncondition True Love will never die
Unconditional love
Unconditional love - Tracy and Julie Thompson
Unconditional Love....????
Unconditionally Briens
Unconditttional love
Undue love
Unexpected Angel
Unexpected Angel
Unexpected love
Unexpected Love
Unexpected love
Unexpected love!finally found the perfect man.
Unexpected......PART 2!!!
Unfair love
Unfaithful Love
Unfaithful: 2 stories at once
Unhappiest Love ever!!
Unrequited Love
Unrequited Love
Unrequited Love
Unrequited love
Unreturned love
Unseparable love
Unsure enagagement...
Unsynchronised love
Until Now...
Untitled - The New History, A Story Of Her.
Unto eternity
Use me
Valentines Forever
Victim of happenstance
Victim of love
Virtual reality
Wait for him
Wait or move on????
Waiting For A Miracle
Waiting for God's Provision.
Waiting for him
Waiting for the lights
Waiting for time.
Walk away
Walked away
Walking away continuation
Walking away..
Walking, Claiming and Diving.
Want to share this(just read i am so crazy?)
Was Everything a Lie?
Was He In LOve With ME?
Was it not meant to be?
Was it only a lost love?
Was that love?
Was There Ever A Chance?
Wasting My Time
Wasting My Time
Wat can i say???
Wat is destiny for cencus?
Watching him from behind
Watching him from behind
We broke up, I called him back over and over
we can never be
We cant predict love
We fell in love working together
We finally admitted it!!
We had the right love at the wrong time...
We Keep Holding On
We overcame it all.
We remember Friendship
We were just friends
We were only kids when we met.
We were only suposed to be friends with benefits
We were`t made to be together . . .
We'll be together in time
Weekends hurt the most
Weired Love
Well, im eighteen now... and i still cry over him... even if he's dead
Wen i fall inlove!!!
Were did it go wrong
Were we ment to be
Wered we go wrong.
What a Mess
What A Mystery He Is!...
What a surprise
What am i gonna do without him..
What am i suppose to do??
What are we going to do?
what can be more painful than this?
What can I expect?
What Could Never Be
What do I do, when I love two?
What Do We Do?
what do you call this? love?
What does love have to do with it?
What happened to happily ever after
What happened to love?
What happened?
what happened?
what happens next?
What has a ending has a better beginning...
What I have to say.
What I should have said
What i suposed to do?
What i would say to him if i was strong enough. UK and USA
What If. .
What if...
What is it like to be in Love?
What is love!
What is love?
What Is Love?
What is love?
What is love?
What is the best thing to do??
what is true love?
What is true love?
What kind of love is this?? (Real or stupid love ???)
What Love Really IS?
What never meant to be
What should I do, still in love with my ex?
What should i do?
What should I do?
What The!!!
What to Do if You Love More Than One Person
What to do, What to do.
What to do?
What was I thinking
What was mine
What was never meant to be. Fate is cruel.
What will become
What will I do?
What will I do?????????
What will never be
What would make me really happy
Whatever happened to love?
Whatever happens, happens for a good reason
Whatever i do, it hurts her..
Whats wrong with me?
What's a relationship to one person?
What`s wrong with me?
When a butch came in..
When a slap isn't painfull anymore..
When can you trust LOVE!!!!
when cupid strikes
When do you say goodbye?
When does the pain end?
When Frank lost Sally.... again
When He First Kissed Me...In Love With My Best Friend
When he signed in to my heart
When i finallly decided to love again but...
When I looked him in the eyes
When I saw her Last time
When is forever, forever?
When it hurts soo bad
When love comes a callin'
When love isn't enough
when our hearts finally meet
When she loved me..
When someone asks do you believe in first sight, i say yes. Because it has happend to me !
When Steve Met Michele
When the time was/is right
When they met
When will he come?
When will I see him again
When will she realise i love her so much
When will you let us have a chance?
When will you realize my worth???
When you meet the right one
When your life long crush doesnt remember the best moment of your life
Where are my friends?
Where are you?
Where did I go wrong?
Where did it go?
Where did that come from?
Where Do Broken Hearts Go? by: johnpatricklee@gmail.com
Where is he?
Where is she??
Where is the Love?
Which is which?
which one do I choose?
Who am i becoming?
Who among them?
Who Knew
Who knew it could hurt this bad
Who would have guessed?
Who would have thought?
Who would thought that my enemy became my boyfriend? :)
Whom could I share my life with
Whose mistake
Why ?
Why am still in love with my bestfriend???
Why And How Could YOU?????
Why Can't I get Over Him
Why can`t I go back in time?
Why can`t I leave
Why did he have to go??????????
Why do all good things come to an end??
Why do I feel this pain
Why do I still care?
Why do i wait for her?
Why do they have to stop us?..
Why do we have one heart? why not two?
Why do you do it?
Why do you have to fall in love sooooo quick?
Why do you have to go??
Why does a rose represent love when roses die?
Why doesnt he wont me
Why dose Cupid hate me
Why Friends!
Why have I done this?
Why Him?
Why Is Love In Dis World If Itt Hurts....?
Why It hurts to breath
Why me ?
Why me?
Why Me?
Why Me?
Why me?
Why me?
Why must love hurt
Why not just kill me
Why people you love doesnt love you and the one you doesnt love.loved you!
Why she did this to me..
Why should we break up?
Why them?
Why this to me?
Why unrequited so complicated?
Why was i so stupid?
Why was it me ?
Why you did this with me?
Wil ever he luv me
Will he ever know
Will he forgive me???
Will he give me a chance
Will hope ever die?
Will I ever be over you 2
Will I ever be over you!
Will I ever be truely happy?
Will I ever come out of it
Will I ever get my chance?
Will I ever know?
Will I ever learn??
Will I Get Over Him? And Will He Come Back To Me?
Will i marry him?
Will my patient b Ever Rewarded :(
Will she ever believe in love ?
Will we ever be together
Will we love again.
Will you come back to me? MIRC
Will you ever be mine.
Will you love me in the morning
Will you take the risk?
Will you take the risk?
Will... will he ever love me?
Wind beneath my wings
Winter heartache...
With All of My Heart, Soul, Mind & Body
With or without
Without him, im lost
Wondering how to say goodbye
Wonders of Fate
Words can speak for themselves
World against me
Worlds apart
Would die for her
Would you ever think about April 1 Being worse than just jokes??
Wounds that can't be seen...
Wrong again
Wrong faith
Wrong love
Wrong love
Wrong love
Wrong move
Wrong move
Wrong person to fall inlove with
Wrong send
Wrong Sent
Wrong time of love
Xo much for my "happy"??? ending
Ye Kesi Mohabbat hai? PART 1
Years in the Flirting
Yellow Rose...[first love]
Yeo and Me
Yet another Incomplete Story
You Again
You Are Mine (YAM) Forever and A Day&#9829;
You Are Mine (YAM) Forever and A Day&#9829;
You are the one
You belong inside my breaking heart
YOU came
You can find your to love in college
You changed my life
You come and go
You dont no wat you have till its gone
You don`t know what you got til it`s gone
You have no idea...
You know what i mean
You lied..
You loved me then, I loved you not. I love you now, you love her now!
You made me stronger
You mean everything to me babe
You never know what you`ve got till it`s gone
You Never Learned Your Lesson
You Never See It Coming Cuz Your Blinded From The Start
You only realise what you`ve got when it has gone
You only want what you cant have
You said wed always remain strong...What went wrong...
You think you know
You think you know someone
You told me Forever.
You were the One I fell in Love With
You will never know
You will never know if you don`t try
Young love
Young Love
Young Love
Young love
Young love
Young Love
Young love
Young love
Young love forever
Young love, young heart break
Young love..
Young love... so painful
Young love...At Frst Sight
Young unfair love.
Your are my destiny
Your bestfriend can NEVER be your lover... can he?
Your forever shining star
Your love saved me.
Your still young
You`ll never know
Yu been there.
Z to a and back again
Zakaria.i love
" maling pag-ibig"
" maling pag-ibig"
"I Watched His Life"
"I've Never Felt Like This About Anyone But You"
"KALYE" written by: Ms. Freddie Anne Atienza
"Love Is The Difficult Realization That Something Other Than oneself Is Real"-Iris Murdoch
"My Fling"
"Young Doomed Love"by KeyJay(nickname)
"You" by: Ashtiia Acol
'I Love You Now and Forever'
“The Carpetbagger”

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