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18 years later

29 October, 2003

We were just 15 years old when we met, a year later we were having our first baby. 7 years later we were married and having our second child.

Through the years we had our good and bad times but no matter how bad some of those times were we always thought of our children and would realize they were most important and being a family meant being together.

3 years after our 2nd daughter, came our 3rd daughter, another doll to our collection. After 3 girls I knew the odds of having a son was unthinkable. Keeping myself busy with 3 kids was a big job and being so young I didn't have much patience, but my husband was confident and wanted to try again. Well 3 years after our 3rd came our 4th, a little boy! I no longer can have children, but thankful and blessed with the most beautiful children god has given us.

I'm thankful for my husband who is so supportive of his family, so no matter how old or how bad times are, always remember who you are surrounded by, because family is there always to love and help you be strong.

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