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Is the still love there - reply

16 July, 2003

I read a story of love and heartache from someone that I know. As I read this story the tears began to flow, for as I read deep into to it I saw it was my heart and soul. For the one that had written it was as sad as I was.

I know down deep inside just how this person must be. For love comes in many forms and ways. But I was hoping that it was never gone forever. For my heart ached with sadness and my heart hurt with agony when I read this letter my head hung in pain.

I tried to understand why love hurts this way for only her and I knew that love was a hurting pain. We tried to understand why others never see a love so true, for in my heart she is the only one that I loved deep down and true.

As days went by my heart ached with pain for I knew some day I would be with her and love her again. So I hope this letter tells her how I feel, for no one will ever take her place with me untill the end. I sit and await her call that never comes, while my heart ache's in pain for her soft and gentle touch.

I miss her love each day. For that women I miss the most is the one that I adore. For she is a rose in my eye and the one that I want to spend my life with, the one that I adore. I pray each night for a happy ending to a love so true but it is her that has to see it through. For she holds the key to my heart and through it.

I pray she walks back in to my life for she knows who wrote this for my love is so deep all she needs to know is 143.

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