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A fairy tale with a twist

16 June, 2003

Many years ago, I met her through the Internet. Our love grew and it lasted for six years. Many things happened during the course of these years. Many times we nearly broke up but always she forgave me.

I always took her for granted thinking that she would give me another chance. But the truth is, there isn't such a thing as always another chance. Last month, we broke up. It was really hard to let go of such a relationship. I had a very hard time in letting it go, she told me we broke up because I'm still not ready for such a relationship. I guess she is right, often I ignored her pleading for attention and love. I just took her for granted. But when she left me, I suddenly realised how much she meant to me.

Even though now I want to amend my wrongs, I guess it's too late. She is now with another man, who is very serious about her and loves her more than I do. I guess sometimes things happen for reasons that are beyond us. I really hope she would be able to find her true love. I told her that even though we might be separated now, in years to come when I feel that I'm ready to take care of her once more, I'll find her no matter which part of the world she is. She said I'm silly, because who knows what will happen in these years to come. But I know in my heart, it will be hard for me to accept another. I just hope fate will bring us back together again in years to come.

To those who have their loved ones with them now, please cherish them and don't take them for granted. Because you never know, one day, they may no longer be with you. If only then you start to feel remorse about it and want to make amends, it will be too late. Love is like a glass, once it's broken it will be hard to repair.

Take my experience as a warning, give your loved ones more love and caring today, right now!!

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