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A girl in love with a man

26 March, 2003

During spring 2002, I tried out as a sophomore to be the drum major of my high school marching band. I made it, and immediately signed up to attend a drum major camp held at our main state university. I was so excited.

That summer, I attended the camp. There, one of the drum majors at the university was helping teach the camp. As soon as I saw him, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I've never been that pathetic little romantic type that I used to make fun of, but here I was, helplessly drawn to someone I couldn't have for several reasons: first, I was 16 and he was 23; second, I was at a camp for 6 days; third, he was the instructor; fourth, I didn't have a chance (or so I thought).

We started talking and flirting and making jokes after he talked to me for the first time a day into the camp. We really had a great time just being new friends together. I will admit that all of the other girls were catching on and beginning to get jealous. And why not? This guy was FINE, was a great teacher, cared about everyone, had good morals and talked about leadership and music, and encompassed everything a woman looks for in a man.

We just took it easy, though, but slowly got closer and closer, without stepping over any boundaries. It was very innocent. At the end of camp, we had a session, and people started crying for different reasons (good crying), and I went up to him for a hug. I can not tell you how amazing it felt to be in those big, soft, warm arms. The next day, we put on a show for the parents to show them what we'd been working on, then said our goodbyes. We all signed t-shirts and mine is still hanging in my bedroom at my parents' house with his message and signature displayed across the back. I never thought I'd see him again.

About a week later, a card with an attached letter came in the mail. It was from him! He said I was the main reason he had such a good week and he'd "love" to stay in touch. My heart was pounding. I immediately wrote back, and told him all about me and my life and asked about him. That started a letter-writing frenzy that lasted about a year. Turns out,(because he felt so strongly for me and knew there was something there, as he later told me), he called my high school and got hired to be the marching band saxophone instructor and served as the student teacher during the spring my junior year. (Nothing ever happened, though, we just became even closer friends.) So for a whole semester, I had him in front of me every day.

My senior year, we continued to stay in touch, only now by email and phone. To make a long story short, after several hang-out sessions, saying "You mean the world to me," and one unbelievably romantic kiss that couldn't wait until I was out of high school, he came to meet my parents as soon as I graduated from high school. We are still dating and I am now almost done with my freshman year in college. It has been almost 9 months. We are so in love, Romeo and Juliet wouldn't hold a candle to us.

Our first "I love you" came the night I moved into the dorms for summer school. He took me around campus, as he knew it well. This is the same dorm I stayed in for that camp where we met 3 years ago. I park in the parking deck where we held conducting lessons that week. And when he comes to visit me, we kiss in the parking lot where we used to sit and laugh and look into each other's eyes, knowing there was a life ahead of us and not being able to say it.

A lot of secrets have come out... one of them being that he had earlier told me he wrote cards to all the people that he liked (about 5), but then admitted later on that he had sneaked onto the camp's computer system to look up my address so he could write me.

Now, he is interviewing for a job at my high school since he liked it there so much, and really likes the man he'd be working with. Small world, isn't it? All I know is that if he gets it, we'll be an hour closer to each other... right now, we are and hour and a half away. But we still spend every weekend together. Some people may say I'm not getting my college experience. They just don't know. I've met my soul mate and I'm getting my life experience.

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