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I wish (part II)

03 December, 2002

I wish that you weren't mad at me right now

but I guess it's not you who’s to blame

The last thing that I want you to think

is that all this is some kind of game.

I wish you didn't feel that you weren't loved

because sweetheart that is just not so

Because you not only gave me someone to love

but you've also given me someone to know.

I wish that you didn't feel like second best

simply because of the fact that we're apart

I wish that you could know how often

that I hold thoughts of you close to my heart.

I wish you could know how strongly I feel

when it comes to the subject of you & me

Which is why I sometimes distance myself

in order to not make any promises I can't keep.

I wish you knew how often you're on my mind

nothing feels better than holding you tight

I know that you feel differently right now

but I'm only trying to do what I feel is right.

I wish you could know how much it hurts me

when we're at odds with each other

Especially when it's obvious to everyone

that we're so in love with one another.

I wish that I could do it all over gain

with me choosing my heart rather than my
Because things would be so different right now

and we would be together today instead.

I wish you could know how much love for you

my heart over the years has stored

You said that you didn't deserve the compliments

but Kristina you deserve that & so much more.

I wish that you could understand I care for you

and just how often you're thought of each day

Despite what you may think or believe

I never meant for things to turn out this way.

Everyone thinks they know how & what I feel

but that's impossible because you know why

Because no one knows how alone I feel at times

and just how much things in life make me cry.

I wish that you could really see Kristina

that in my eyes you're a dream come true

And that I would rather leave from this earth

than to do anything to purposely hurt you.

I wish that I could say with certainty

what happens when all has been said and done

Regardless of what the outcome is please know

in my heart you will always be second to none.

I wish you could know how scary it is for me

because of the way you make me feel

It's hard maintaining my composure around you

because sometimes it's seems to good to be real.

I wish that you truly knew me Kristina

and that I would never ask you to wait

Because if it's meant for us to be together

then it's simply up to time and fate.

Kristina I want you to know one last thing

if we should spend the rest of our lives apart

That I will always love you like no other

and you will always be the queen of my heart.

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