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Love Sucks

17 February, 2009

In 7th grade, there was this guy, his name will be Bob. Bob was the hottest guy I had ever seen in my whole twelve year old existence, I didn't start liking him until midterms, we had only one class together for a marking period and I never said a single word to him, lame, huh? Anyways, I told my friend how I felt about him and he said that he liked me back, so I told him, but Bob is kinda stupid to be cute and didn't get my gist, so I left before he could answer, almost had a panic attack, then my friend told me he had never said a word to him, I wrote Bob letters, and he laughed at them, I was tired of everyone knowing I liked him, and teasing me about him, he knew because I told him, and my life really began to suck dramatically, so I told lies to everyone saying I didn't like him anymore, of course I still did, and he ended up moving to Russia, but ....you know, life goes on. And if you, Bob are reading this right now, well FUCK YOU!!

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