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I still love her...........

17 February, 2009

my name is gaurav . i love her more than my life ; her name is etika. today i am writing all this here after thinking a lot that it is the only way for me to share my pain with some one. i am 21 yrs. old guy and i loved her since i was 15. she was my class mate, a brilliant , active , and smart student . though she was not beautiful like a princess , nor i would say that she was the most beautiful girl of this world ... but for me she was everything.

                             i always used to sit on the back seat of my class so that i may stare at her. i did this for  four long yrs. till we passed our intermediate, for every other classmate of mine it was a start of new life , they were entering into a world of challenges where they had to frame their careers ..... but for me it was the end of the world. i still remember that last day of college when i was trying to imprison her in my eyes since i knew this was going to be the last day i was looking at that pretty face as i knew that our paths were going to be different.

                             you would be thinking that i didn't tell her when i loved her so much. the reason is that ours was a small city where one is nit to allowed to cross the limits of society and also on other hand we were so young that somethings like love didn't matter anything for a girl like her who was so cautiuos and determined for her good career . she was such a good student that every one was sure of her to be admitted at iit.

                           all these thoughts sttoped me whenever i tried to tell her any thing. the extent of my nervousness was so much that i couldn't utter a word in front of her.  i still remember those touchy sensations which arouse in my heart whenever i saw her , whenever somebody talked to me about her , or whenever she passed by me , even now i can smell those fragrances of her light body which used to transform me into a completely strange world , i used to close my eyes and i felt as my body became lighter than air and long the day would remain lost in those touchy sensations.

                           my friends whom i told about this they call it a attraction of teenage .but i question my self that two years have passed since i saw her

yet even now i love her with same truthfullness then how i could be a teenage attraction i needed some one to share my feelings so i wrote everything here.. i just want her to see once....

                           now i have come to hear that she is at ISRO studying space research. etika if you ever by chance read this page then i want to tell you that i loved you and will love you till death.........

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