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Every Minute Closer to Further Away

13 February, 2009

He came from another country, over in Europe actually. He was a runner and swimmer, and a person who naturally won any game, no matter if he'd never played before. He had auburn hair and green eyes, and an adorable accent. Every runner on the team swooned over him, and claimed that he was their homecoming date. Everyone except me really. I had a boyfriend at the time and was content with just being friends. Still we talked constantly and hung out, and the more we did the more I realized how incredible he was. A senior asked him to homecoming but he politely said no. About a week before the dance my boyfriend and I broke up, I wanted it more than anything. Next thing I knew he had asked me to homecoming (specifically as friends) and every cross country girl was out for my guts. At homecoming everything changed- we kissed - switching instantly from friends to couple. I knew it all along- maybe from the first day I had seen him. You just get this feeling when someone is coming into your life. It has been nearly four months now- and I care so much about him. I know however there is a part of me that is holding back from really letting myself love him because I know in June he will leave back to Europe, and it is my hearts pathetic attempt to shield itself.I cannot have a long distant relationship separated by the Atlantic! Should I save myself now or let life take its unpredictable path, and hurt myself in the end? I'm not sure what I would do without him.

Advice would be endlessly appreciated-



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