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Still In Love

12 February, 2009

I met him when we were in high school. He is not handsome but he is one of the famous guys in school, maybe because he is a good dancer, very quite and a little mysterious. I don't like him but our classmates started to tease us without knowing the reasons why.

Our closeness started when we were fourth year high school and belong to same group of friends. His behavior and actions towards me seems he is courting me. And I really assume that he is courting me. Even our circle of friends were telling me that he really likes me. I did not even try to ask him if he is really courting me, but I just enjoyed the moment we were together even I am already uncomfortable because our classmates are teasing us always. Until we graduated from high school.

What a coincidence... we enrolled in the same university, taking the same course. In short, we were classmates in college. I was not comfortable seeing him in the same class, but on the other side I am happy seeing him around because I can feel that I am in love with him. Same on what happened during high school days, we are on the same circle of friends, joining same hang-outs, and of course enjoying each others company, but still he is not courting me... and me still assuming that he really likes me and waiting for him to do the first move. Until we graduated college and became professionals.

Right now, we are both married. I have 2 kids and he has one. We still have communication, we chat, send emails. And honestly, I am still in love with him.. and I can feel he feels the same. I can feel that there is special connection between us... that until now I can't explain what, why and how.

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