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I thought we are

10 February, 2009

i thought we are...

it all started last august 2008,weve known each other for 2 years, but were not that really close "barkada lang", were actaully textmates before then we decided to meet feb 2007. at first it was just pure fun, we hang out. were just enjoying the company of each other...

as time goes by, we started to lay low the things between us, he does not txt me that often, i also did the same thing to him.. once a week or maybe once a month i txt him, my relationship with him was just like that until last august of 2008,

we started to txt each other, day and night we txt, if i dont have a load, i look for a way to txt him, he also do the same..we started haging out again, i introduced him to my friends.

i thought we have something special happening between us,his actions, he talks to me about his future with me,in that, i know, deep inside me, im starting to love him. I think of what will happen if a continue the feeling that i feel for him, it seems like, its ok to continue the feeling that i feel for him,

i thought he also feels what i feel, i thought we have an understading of what we feel for each other,. i started to feel that he is the man that i am waiting for, he was almost perfect for me... it was like a fairyrale came true for me... and i know that, om fallen in love him, i love him

until last december 2008, everything has change, he doesnt txt me anymore, i was thinking of what is the problem, but i dont have the courage, to tell it to him. i dnt have the courage to ask him about "us". i feel really sad thinking of whats happening between us,.

one day i was shock to know that he still have his girlfriend,i thought he broke up with her. the girl viewed my profile in friendster. i was really really shock, i cant describe what i feel the moment i saw thier pictures together,. that night i cried and cried and i told my best freind about it she was very angry,. the days past, he doesnt txt me at all, so i decide to forget him and move on with my life..

but until now i still love him so much...:(

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