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Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You

06 February, 2009

              I had a girlfriend before ( year 2006 ), her name is Sheena. We are school mates during our college located  somewhere in Pasay. She is beautiful, cute, elegant, nice, polite, and sexy. We love each other so much. We go on dating, kissing, and sex as well (she is good!). I love her so much! She lives in Pasay and I live in Paranaque City. After our last semester and graduation (finally grauate na!), we decided to find a job. Each of us has different goals in life. Her mother has a good plan for her career and of course me as well. Because of that we often see each other for a long time. I visited her once or twice a week, but sometimes she is not there in her house. Everyday I always text her to know her status. She replying but very often compare before that we talking too long or saying I love you. It's different and I don't know the reason why. I feel anxiety and sadness. I don't know if she still like me or not. I am lonely during that time. So I just focus to my carrer and seek for a job. One of the comapany that I apply hired me (August 4, 2008). I passed the examination, interview, and I got hired (yes! may trabaho na!). This comapany is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Even it is too far from our place I still go on work becuase the job is easy. During our training I met a girl. Let just call her ms. L. She is beautiful, elegant, sexy, and seductive! (wow!) I didn't notice her beauty and presence. But, when the time I and ms. L got extended ( one week extended ) in training, that is time I starting to like her. Honestly, because of her I already forgot my girlfriend (Sheena). She is so jolly (like jollibee,, joke..) and funny. In short I got a crush on her (I'm falling). She is my second love. I don't want to assume but I know she likes me. Then finally I tell my feelings to her. She was shock and speechless. No response, but I know she also likes me. I still in relatonship during that time but I really love her. I broke up to my girlfriend because of ms L. It's hard but that's the best thing I did. I don't want to lie. Even i don't have assurance that ms. L will accept me (gambling). Anyways, one time I ask ms. L if she likes me but she's not replying (no response). I don't know why she's like that. After a few weeks and she had a different schedule and team. We often see each other. I tell myself that maybe she doesn't like me ( BUsted :( ). I herd some rumors that she has a boyfriend. And when I herd that I am so jealous. Everytime i see her I feel differernt, I still love her. We are working in the same company and we sometimes see each other. I want to get rid my feelings to her but I can't. I don't know why. My feeling is still there for her.......... Should I still love her?

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