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Whats wrong with me?

04 February, 2009

its been 4 months since my husband left me and i am having a hard time dealing with being away from him. i miss him so much and he will not even talk to me. he left for many reasons and alot of it was my fault. i dont blame him. i blame myself. my depression is getting worse and i am having a hard time finding a reason to go on with my life. i just want to end it all but i know thats not the answer. people are always telling me to move on with my life but how can i move on when he is the one i want in my life. He says i cling to him to much its like an obsession. its like i lost my identity when i married him and all i wanted was to be with him all the time and when he went to work i would get very sad. Everywhere we went it was like i was glued to him i would not leave him alone even when he was with his friends. i would follow him everywhere. Whats wrong with me? i was not like this befor i got married i was very independent and did everything on my own. after i got married i relied on him for everthing. Im young and very frustrated and everything else you can imagine. I need some advice from anyone who has been like me or how has someone in there life like me. please help my heart is breaking and i want him back befor i lose him forever.

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