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My amazing boyfriend, and Me!

04 February, 2009

Last year in August.

i met up with a close friend of mine, i hadn't met him before face 2 face but spoke to him on a daily basis over the Internet and sometimes phone. The day and night we spent together was very nice we got on very well and enjoyed one another company dearly!


I went home the following day and he had given me pure butterflies i had a massive smile on my face and the excitement was over powering me.

We both decided to make us official and ever since then our love has grown so so deeply.



We have been through rough patches and some of them seemed like i wouldn't be able too hold onto him, and that i would loose him love.

But shockingly he stood by me!


I was shocked, he believed in me and didn't leave me feeling alone again,

i cant ever ever thank him enough for that.



Right now things are looking amazing for us and i can not wait for the future we have with one another.


I have also decided that on my 16th birthday this year in June i am moving in with him,


Some may say i'm too young


But truly i believe this is something i need to succeed in as now i have his love i don't ever ever think i could live without it.


I believe in him

and i will stand by him and be the reason for his happiness as well as i can be,



I will NEVER do wrong by him as he is my world and my everything.


In some aspects i am scared of what will happen to us as recovering from our split would rip me apart inside by you have too take chances in life as you only live once.



Best of luck for me and him. although i doubt we need it.


Big thankyou too him for making me feel amazing


I love him so so so much.


And too any of you others in a relationship,

stick at it best of luck




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