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He was the one for me.

31 January, 2009

Hi me name is Zoe i am 17 and i was going out with a boy called Glen he went every where with me until this new girl started at collage she i is really pretty  and all he ever talked about was her i got so sick and tired that that night i went to my best friends house to sleep over but guess who was there the new girl from our school i felt like i needed to hit someone. I had been invited to go all the way over to India to see my an tie Lola so i said yes and set off for India you are probably wondering were my boyfriend was when all this was happening well he was at his uncles house watching t.v i did not call him to tell him because i knew that he would want to come. It was a long time before i got to India i don't know how but he rang me and he  shouted down the phone at me he found out that i was in India he started to cry and said that he was so so sorry i asked him why he said he was sorry he told me that he had been sleeping with the new girl at our school and that they were going to get married and that she

was pregnant i could not here another word and put down the phone i never felt so angry with anybody before anyway now he is married and has a baby girl i am getting married and i am going to have two baby girls so i hope you like the story and goodbye.


Zoe Martin. 


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