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A girl love the boy but the boy doesnt love him back.

30 January, 2009

i meet this guy when I'm looking for a internet cafe to print out my project on the other day. since the internet cafe was near in our house i asked the person who is in charged to watch over the cafe. i said to him "kuya tag pira it pag paprint?"he answered me back that "5 pesos la para ha im" then i told him that I'll be back just to get my usb, but i didn't return. that night started my feelings on that boy, a feeling that you cant explain and understand. as day passes i realize what i really feel for him, i feel that i have a crush on him, i admire him. there's a voice in me telling to go back and be friends with him. but i cant because I'm shy. one time i go back on that cafe and use a computer to search something but he didn't notice me, he only notice that I'm a costumer. my mind telling me that i need to be friends with him if he only knew. i return to that cafe every classes dismissal, just to see him. i pretend to use computer and search something but if he only knew that i just go there to see him (pasangil ba)hehe.. one day my wish had come true we became friends. and he teaches me to play an online game "CABAL". he teach me how to play it. that time i really feel satisfied even just to see him in a day, if there's a day that i cant see him my day is incomplete. one time i go at that cafe, unfortunately i see him but he's with his girlfriend. and i feel hurt, that time my feelings for him has grown, and can call it love. when i knew that he has a girlfriend my heart break into pieces. if he only knew what i feel for him. there's a time that he invited me to watch some movie at the house of his girlfriend. then i say yes to him, i cant refuse to say no. because it's an opportunity for me to be with him. on that night something happened, he told me that he like me and ask me if i like him too. and answer him yes. then he slowly hold my face and my lips, then he kiss me. on the 7th day of January happened the very big wish in my life. and it comes true. at first i cant imagine that it's all happening to me. and till this day January 30 where still together. but i don't know if he's really serious on me because till now he and the girl has a relationship and I'm a the 3rd party. he told me that he's going to break that relationship because he loves me and he's asking me some time to do it because it's not easy to break a relationship, relationship that started long time. i don't want to expect something from him because I'm just a girl who entered into her life just to make a confusing decision who to choose. i hope that i don't exist in his life so i will not feel the pain in my heart. the pain that will never heal. i love him and i don't want to loose him. my life would surely end when he would leave me, and i don't want that time to come because it would be hard for me to recover. to stand up again. i don't know what to do. i don't know if could let him go.

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