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He was sweet in some ways. . .

24 January, 2009


I never really knew that a girl like me can fall in love with someone who's really someone. 


My story started during third year, last year. 


I transferred schools because of my sister, and so, I was really left-out.

But during the first month someone courted me and he said that he really loved me. I don't really know why... But all I remember is we became BF-GF.


But when my sister found-out about it, I was forced to break-up with him.

And we didn't talked with each other after that. It was really awkward being in the same class with him, And to add insult to injury, I found out that he was already courting another girl just few days after our break-up.


I was really pissed off and a little bit embarrassed, so I looked for someone to be my pretend Crush just to let him see that I also liked someone else!


I told all of my friends that I like Nikko, and they were really surprised. And Nikko found out about it. I thought he was just gonna ignore me. But actually we became really close. I liked him and we just became an ICON on all third year. And so we always talked during mornings before class and during lunch after classes. And we sometimes go home together. And many people think we're on. But during the February, I found out that he was courting someone so I decided to stay away from him and he noticed that.

So he talked with one of our friends and tried to asked why I was staying away and since I know that he asked it, I told my friend everything I felt.

And she told him, but I was so nervous and lacking of confidence to talk to him personally when he wanted to talk to me, so I just stayed away and he was pissed by that. But in the end and I came to school and cried to my friends. But during late afternoon, I texted him and said sorry, he replied and we settled things like that. I told him to say something if he's in love or courting someone. And then, during Monday, he texted me and said that he already had a girlfriend, for me, it hurts but it's okay.


But I didn't know how he knew about the "Me Crying for him" thing, and he said that he wants to talk with me, but I couldn't 'cause I read his message late. But one of my friends that was close to him said That he'll break up with his girlfriend for me.

I didn't know why'd he said that. But all I end up is me getting mad at him!

So we didn't talked with each other even after school year.


But during fourth year, we started talking to each other and people kept saying that we look good together. I don't really know what to do. But they say that he likes me. So now we're just friends. for now that is.

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