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Why am still in love with my bestfriend???

23 January, 2009

here is my story about me and my best friend who happened to be my secret love...i started liking her when we were at first year college..sad to say we are not in the same school but despite to that it never made a barriers between the two of us to be more close to each other.


until one day i started liking her despite of what i heard something negative to her attitudes... she so cute , thoughtful. some kind a childish , lovable , even when we are hanging out together, the people who can see us together thought that we are "lovers"


then the day has come that i make a move to show to her that I'm starting to like her... i already set my mind that she will never make a response to my feeling to her....


instead she told me that ... "you know what i love you the way you treated me but not even come to my mind that you are gonna love me more that i expected... "


right then  I realized that it really hurts to be busted by your someone whom you cherish with... until now we are still best of friends ...but i can't stop my feelings to her even if I already accepted it that we are gonna be at best of best friend ... how can i teach my heart to forget this weird feeling to my best friend ... i don't to broke our relationship as best friend so please can i have your comments about this thing.

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