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18 January, 2009


        I was dating the guy i thought was perfect.....But i lied to myself. We were opposites completely. All he wanted was my body. We were voted cutest couple but when I thought we should do something he felt tired and when i thought we should touch me he was glad to come in a Millisecond and I wanted to leave him............


       Jason came over the day of my family barbecue I just wanted him to disappear mostly because he thought it was the perfect time to take the promise ring away and do it all day.But I was happy I was still a virgin. He was upset about that.But he brought a boy taller than him cuter than him and most likely smarter than him.


"Jessie!" he screamed to me while i was in the pool teaching my cousin Alexa how to swim.


"Jason?!" I was more mad i picked Alexa up and put her on the grass to dry.


"What?" I said.


"This is my cousin Brett, Guy thinks that your virginity should be lost to someone worth it!" He laughed. "Like I'm not worth it" he laughed again.


"Gosh! my dad made me promise i wouldn't do it until after marriage Jason you know that you agreed to it when you started dating me." I said.


Jason put his arm around me and started to kiss me. "Are you sure you want to keep it?" he asked.


"Dude get off of her visibly she can promise her father something and keep it." Brett said with his sweet voice.


"Yeah well your a guy and still a virgin! Who the heck does that!" He laughed once more.


"Shut-up! Okay leave I'm tired of having to tell you I don't want to do it!" I said.


"Babe sorry....."He began.


"No honestly you aren't sorry!" I said.


Brett and him walked away.


      All i could think of was that guy Brett. "Was he really the opposite of Jason?If so i wanted to see him! The doorbell rang.


"Oh Jason and Brett hey." I said hugging Jason and letting go quickly then hugging Brett much warmer.


"Hey, hows it going sweets i gotta and come back I'll be back can Brett stay here or he'll come and get the stuff with me?" Jason asked.


"He can stay if he wants to." I said.


"Sure" He agreed.


    With that Jason was gone! How much more happy could I be?


"Nice place." He said shyly.


"Yeah I know thanks." I said.


"So your not from here? where are you from?" I asked.


"Oh San Diego." He said but I'm going to a university near here so I'm staying with my cousin Jason." He said.


I fumbled with my long blond hair. "Did you ever kiss Jason" He asked me.


"Well on the cheek but never on the lips so i Jessica Stewart  has never been kissed!" I said.


"Oh well me either my dad keeps telling me to get a girlfriend but girls make me shy."he said.


"Yeah well Jason flirts with all the girls I know and keeps taking my promise ring off of me." I said.


"Quick question, do you even like Jason?" He asked.


"Not anymore i don't feel like were even close anymore." I said.


"Why did you even hug me over there? Jason and i are cousins but i told Jason i met the girl of my dreams yesterday and he'll get mad but i think you are cute." He said to me.


"So you want to kiss a girl?" i asked.


"Yeah." He said.


    I leaned over and kissed him. Suddenly i was on top of him making out. That's when i decided  we were perfect. I dumped Jason and went out with his cousin and we are the happiest couple ever.

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