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A crush

18 January, 2009

My first thought in my mind was whoa he's the sweetes most down to earth guy on the planet.

my best friend Charlotte had a sleep-over. I went to hang out since i hadn't seen her all week. Both our families were so close. Charlotte had a brother named Dustin. She talked about him but i never met Dustin.

I was dared to go upstairs and I began to walk up the steps in to the dark. Then i smashed in to someone. I began to scream. Then two strong arms lifted me up on my feet. The lights switched on and then i saw a boy. Cute emerald eyes and dirty blond hair.He was smiling at me. I couldn't help but smile back. Then he walked away into his room. Through the whole entire night all i could think about was him, Dustin.

After a while I was in high school tenth grade and already a varsity cheerleader. Lucky for me Dustin was on the varsity foot ball team but he was a senior in highschool and with the slutiest cheerleader in school Destiny I was pretty and platinum blond with sea-blue eyes. but me and her were two different people.

One day i decided to drive over to see Charlotte. We were in the same group for our project and we were going to work at her house today since yesterday we worked at my house.

It was quiet in her house until she ran to hug me.

"Ooops! We have to be quiet Dustin is in a horribble mood he dumped that slut Destiny she cheated on him and he really hasn't smiled all week. Vanessa Mathers that other soccer chick came over to hook-up but he did'nt wanna see her, so Im gonna stab that firkin' hor!" Charlotte said.

"Is he okay?" I asked her.

"NO" she replied.

we went up to her room and began to work on our project. Until she had to leave and get more ink for her printer. I was alone in her room till i tried to carry our heavy structure we built. Then those same strong hands lifted it.

"Thank you! God that was heavy." I said exhausted.

"Yeah? well need help with the hot glue gun? Or anything?"

he asked

"Yes. How do you work it?" I asked.

"I'll glue you hold okay or just type your report." he said.

I nodded and began to type and tell him where to glue the things. We were talking and laughing at the same time.I felt on top of the world with him. Like we were meant. He kept complimenting me and my atttitude. Charlotte came when we were practically done and needed printng.

"Oh my gosh! That's great! we are nearly done Dustin hook-up the ink stuff please." She said. He felt a little upset she came i could see it in his eyes. When he hooked it up we were done and i was ready to go home. I wish we could talk more.

Charlotte came over the next day."How ya been?"she said.

"Not much." I replied.

"Yes. Much way too much with my brother Dustin. He really likes you even before at our 6th grade slumber party the next day all he talked about was how you two rammed into eachother, Do you like him?" sh asked.

"I do like him but your my best frend." i said.

"But what my brother asks why you don't come over half of the time talk to him call him say something!" sh urged.

i picked up my iphone and began to dial him. he picked up.

"Hey Kaylie?" he said.

"Yeah, It's me so can we talk?" i said.

"Did i do something?" he asked.

"No i just really think about you all the time." I said

"So do i but i thought you had better things in life so i didnt tell you." He said.

"Better things than you?" not really you are the best thing that has happened to me" I said.

"Well will you be my girlfriend or should i tell you in person." he said.

"Good enough for me. Bye i love you." i said.

"me too" he said

from then on we see eachother.

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