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My boyfriend's classmate"

10 January, 2009

"One night. my bf text me just to inform that he had no load so he cant text me so he uses the phone of his classmate then i replied.,"i will just give you load so that we can communicate with each other.,but he did not reply instead  his classmate replied that he will tell his classmate.Then suddenly he ask if his classmate is my bf,so i answered yes.After that i ask his name and we text each other just to check and ask him if my boyfriend is ok and i will let him send my hello

to my boyfriend since we could not meet always and talk because he was a night student and im afraid that my parents will know about us.

     But i guess my boyfriend does not care to me at all even i give him load he would not reply and if he replies he always say that he will text me later so i expect and wait for his messages, as my phone beeps i always expect hat it was my boyfriend but not it was his classmate. I realized that "better pa his classmate text me just to say hi.how are you?a text from him was very seldom,he just text me and request for a load but after that he wont reply anymore and just say his out of load even if we did not text each other.For me ill just say that use the load for more important reasons and could not tell my self that he uses it to text his other girlfriend,but me, always pretending its ok and I cant even confront him about that.

    Then one day, it was my boyfriend's birthday Dec.14,2008.His sister and cousin told me that they saw a letter on my boyfriend's notebook,a letter from a girl saying sweet words but i always pretend its ok but suddenly a tears rolled down through my eyes but i wiped immediately just to show them im ok and i already  know that this moment will come,i already told my self that one day this situation will come but pretending to be strong makes me weak and cry.So i decided to break up with him on the day of his birthday.i send a letter to him about my decision together with my gift to him.

     Few days after,when i see him i will run and and get inside our house because i don't want to see him,i was so angry.Then suddenly,MY PHONE BEEP, it was the # he used when he text me and the owner of that

# was Ryann,his classmate.So we greeted each other with hi! how are you!?then suddenly he asked me if its ok if he will be my bf.He told me that he already saw me in their school when we went there to get my brother's remarks but i refused him because i was angry with boys and he explained that his different but i argued with him.I did not accept him as my bf and said that i have already my bf so he said he will wait .Then one time he knew that me and his classmate broke up,so he told me again if now im ready to accept him but i really don't want to believe what he say because all boys will say their different from others but their all the same.

      Few days after, we text each other sending quotes and messages and every time we text each other he always about what he told me a while ago but i always refuses. but as time goes by i feel pity to him because he always saying he love me and even i don't love him its ok with him because time will come i will learn to love him.so i decide to accept him even if i don't love him because i  fee pity towards him.so we just text each other and decide to meet in person.so one night he text me that he will wait for me near the jeepney stop,so i went to see him then after that we talked for almost 2 hours and i realized  after we met that his really in love with me as what i feel for him.I now then say to my self that i never regret to be her girlfriend and love him so much.I'am hoping that will last longer even if it will not stay forever.


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