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I Love you-killer words

09 January, 2009

 It started way back when i was in fourth-year high school. First day of class,when i knew that we were classmate, I decided to transfer to another room since I hated him ever since when we were in third-year. He was that type of person who used to bully girls and teased them, it was as if he owned them. I went to the Principal's office for me to be able to transfer another room, our guidance counselor told me that I was too late to transfer since the other section had reached the maximum number of students.I didn't have another choice but to accept the fact that we will be classmates. want inside the room, and i was late.I saw only one vacant chair and that was beside him still i didn't have a choice but to sat beside him.He asked me of my name but I refused to tell it to him.He again asked me hoe old I am and again I refused to tell it to him.There were an instance that we had an activity in Filipino,it was about getting-to-know each other and since we were seatmate our teacher decided to partner us. I answered all his questions about myself and he to answered all my question related to his life.From then on we became best of friends.We used to went home during lunch break together, He used to carry me at his back when our school was flooded.He used to surprised me, and never failed to show his love to me as a friend.Christmas, I was surprised when he went to our house just to greet me and handed me a christmas gift which i never expected that he would do.New Years eve he again went to our house to greet me, he brought with him a firecrackers which we both played. Because of waht he have done and used to do, I felt something for him different from the feelings I have for him as a friend.I did not tell it to him for I was afraid to lose him. He used to hugged me and kissed me whenever his crush would approached him, and I was just smiling, pretending i wasn't hurt and happy for him.Worst, his crush was my cousin, and he used to made me as his bridge, to delived his message to my cousin.Because of so much pain I felt, i decided to stay away from him. I didn't answered all his calland replied all his messages, in school, i didn't greet him the way i used to do.  He asked me of what happened to me and I answered him that we need to go on separate ways since I need to find myself. From then on he never approached me.I really missed him but I must do it for me to forget him. Graduation day he was never with us since he had a back subject, he handed me a gift- an angel.There was a message inside the gift and I read it. After reading I decided to met him in their house, there I saw him crying for the fate he had and he was very thankful that during those time I was there to comfort him. Last christmas he went to our house and handed me his necklace.He told me words I longed to hear from him and that was " I love you".  I never thought It was the last day of our relationship since he died the day after he told me those words.

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