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Torn between two loves

08 January, 2009

I met my Raymond when I was in preschool and we have had crushes ever since. He was my boyfriend in 1st grade until 6th grade, we went to different high schools then we ran into each other many times then at a party where my whole life changed. It was magical, it was April 2006 and we got together May 2006 and have been together since then. We are always together I love being around him!!


We took a break 7 months ago......And Raymond moved out of State


I used to have a boyfriend before Raymond his name is Adrian, and although we were only together a couple of months the ones we had were perfect. It ended because he left to the Army on a new path that did not involve me. Well during the break with Raymond, Adrian came back 3 years later from Iraq and knocked on my door!! As soon as I saw him I was in disbelief. My heart was pounding so hard that when I finally snapped back to reality and gave him a hug, he said he could feel my heart beating!!! During my relationship with Raymond Adrian would call here and there and tell me he loves me and to give him a chance.


Raymond moved back...Adrian went back to Iraq....


Now Adrian calls and Raymond calls but I am stuck between the two, I love Raymond but I do not feel that I can fully love him until I see about Adrian, I know that I will not be able to pick up where I left off with him but I know that there is still something there.


HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so lost at what to do.

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