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The love of my life?

06 January, 2009

i met this guy a yr ago online .. ever since weve been talking well hes my bf now... evrything was so perfect we liked the same things ,.. it was just so perfect he lives up north of cali and i live south so we were 6 hrs apart but ive only gone once and he just barely came and not even cus he wanted the opportunity just happnd hes parents came so he took the chance to c me.. aftr a yr.. i feel like hes changed so much.. sometimes i feel like im in denial.. i just have this ideas in my head.. that he still talks to his eventhough he denies itl.. i dnt knw y.. maybe hes not .. but my feelings are starting to change for him its nt the same anymore i though he was the love ofmy life i wantd to spend the rest of my life with him but nw that i think about it .. hes only hurt me we have broken up 2 times gotten bak again.. this is nt wat i want anymore .. im just tired of crying getting hurt .. i feel like he hasnt done anything for me.. im always there for him wen he needs something like money .,.. since hes jobless right nw.. but now that i think about it he has nthg to offer me and this is nt wat i want...i dnt knw wat to do?



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