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Good times lost.

03 January, 2009

I had a boyfriend, a really good one. But one day when we were meeting for a date, i think, so what i heard, i was hit by a car. People say i lost a lot of blood and my injury was serious. The only thing i remember from that time was that i only wanted to see my boyfriends face. And, that was the last memory i remembered. I woke up 3 months later. The doctors said i was in a coma. There was a person i thought i never seen before. It was my boyfriend. But at that time, the doctors said i forgotten about him, amnesia. He was the only person i had forgotten. The doctor said because he was someone i thought of regularly i forgot him. The most important thing in my life was forgotten. 1 year past, my boyfriend was still visiting me, it seemed like he loved me a lot. Everyday, i would wait for him to visit. The only thing on my mind was him. I fell in love for the first time, so i thought at that time.

One day, i was waiting for him to visit me. I waited and waited. That night, i felt sad, thinking that he got sick of waiti:Lng. I recieved a phone call that night. From my boyfriends father saying that he was missing. I rushed to his house, crying while driving. When i arrived i saw my boyfriend there. He was staring at me, while i was covered in tears. He said, "i hoped you would come. If you still cared about me you would of came. But, i wasn't expecting you to cry. I never want you to cry. I was only hoping that you would come because you still had feelings for me." I cried even more. But i knew i loved him. 4 years now. I'm still with him, even though i forgot my memories, i remade them with him from that day.

I just wanted to tell everyone my story,

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