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No matter what they say think or do...

30 December, 2008

         It was November 17th 2008 when I first met him. Ill never forget how distrusting i was of him at first. You see I met him on line, through an aim chat room. I was 15 at the time, and had no clue about love  even though, like every teenage girl, I looked for it. He entered the chat room and we began to talk about things that we liked.  figured out that he is two years older than me, 17 at the time, but that didnt bother me. Soon I wasn't talking to anyone but him and we had both left the chat to talk privately. I was having some trouble in my life and i had found myself spilling out my story to him. What surpised me is that he responded wit a story of his own. A tale or a boy who was raised in sorrow and confusion and a boy who still struggles at times. The moment he finished the story i asked who the boy was and if he was ok today. His response will forever remain in my soul. It was simple and to the point "that little boy grew up and he still isnt an adult although he grows closer to that age. he still struggles but he found a person who struggles as well to help him... that little boy is me" I was speechless and had no clue how to respond. I told him that i was glad to have met him and he told me that i was an answer to a silent prayer. Again i was speechless. What could i say to him when i was feeling the exact same things? We continued to talk for a week or so after that and i cam to see that i was falling in love with him. As crazy as that was i knew it was true. We exchanged numbers and began  to talk on the phone it was amazing to finally know someone who undestood me and who knew my pain. Better yet he took that pain away.... we are still together today and love eachother very much however young we are we plan to be married as soon as its legal..and nobody is going to stop us...

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