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26 December, 2008

When I was 15 it started I thought I was fat. I was the one who you and your friends would make fun of. 15 and 200lbs. I needed to change this. It all started with a diet and the diet turned in to no eating. Meanwhile people at school were like your loosing weight and I would say no its this shirt. That worked for a while then people offered me food I'd eithier say I've already eaten or I didn't feel good. They caught on. Now 15 and I weighed 162. I realized it was working but I could no longer take the not eating I began to eat small meals and then I would throw up even if it was just a cracker. After 2 months of this madness I was 140. I was the happiest I'd ever been I told myself I wouldn't get like all the other girls I would stop when I was satisfied. I didn't. Now my 16th birthday and 120 on my own birthday I didn't have cake.

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