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Confused but there is some happiness in this confusion....

17 December, 2008

3years down the road and i am facing the same dilemma as before..standing at a crossroad and unsure about which direction i am supposed to pursue..my ex gf literally used me up, betrayed me, and finally dumped me in the worst possible manner anyone could imagine..but i aint gonna rant about what has passed coz its no longer a sad story..i have came learn the terms with reality and accepted the fact that this was part and parcel in life and i took it in my stride..i am 23 now and about to complete my degree in finance..in this past 3 years i have been single and i have came across hundreds of girls that caught my eyes but not my heart..about 2 months ago i got a placement at a organization back at my hometown in order to complete my internship..after this training i will be left with only one more semester to graduate..during my training i attended my company's party..i took my best friend along with me for the function..as we were leaving my friend ran into her ex colleague(lets just call her A)..i am not the sort of person who believes in love at first sight..but when i heard A's voice i was lost in transition..speechless..her voice was breathtaking..and after a while of chatting me and my friend left..while on the way back home i told my friend that i think A is kinda pretty..my friend passed the compliment to A..A replied saying thanks and said maybe we all can go grab a cup of coffee sometime soon..my life went on as usual after that day..i sort of had this crush on A but i neglected it thinking its nothing..what was annoying is A's image and especially her voice kept coming to my thought..weeks later i attended my friend's bday party and A was present there..i couldnt take my eyes off her..she looked exceptionally fabulous and gorgeous that night..i din have the courage to walk up to her and have a conversation..its the 1st time in the past 3 years that i am having such urge to get to know a girl..i am confused whether i should give it a shot for this girl bcoz i am having this strange feeling that i might regret it one day if i dont try today..at the end of my friend's bday party, A told her that she finds me cute and also told my friend that she is single now..and throughout the party A was extremely shy to utter a word to me..but i still managed to buy her a drink..i really hope anyone out there can tell me what should i do or give me some priceless advice..why A is so shy when she just got to know me..i am shy coz my friends kinda made it obvious that i have a crush on her..but why A was so shy..why she has to tell my friend that she finds me cute and she is single..is this some kind of hint o what..pls help me guys..i think there is something special here..but i am not sure of what i should do..pls help...

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