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Read it and weep...

16 December, 2008

So there's this girl ...

Her life isn't Perfect and neither is her family...

In her head she wants it to be..

Everthings going wrong...

Things happen in her family that are hard to forget and overcome..

They move.. house to clear there heads start a new life..

In a way she doesnt wan to ... but has no choice.

She hates it she wants to go home..

Then a boy comes alone...

She likes him..

She starts to have feelings for him...

She really does like him...

Then they fall in love..

He takes her in and reassures her everything is alright..

and hes by her side..?

She believes him...

They go out with each other..

Every things grand at the start..

Then they do things out of there league..

things mess up they always argue and break-up..

But always come back to each other...

There relationship becomes a roller coaster of emotions..

The problem is it wont Stop.

The girl starts getting suspicious..

The boy starts doing weird things ignoring her..

barely hugging her or showing her any affection..

She starts to think its all her fault..

She depended on him too much ..

and now he doesn't like her..

That wasn't the case ...

she Found out...

Half way through they were together ...

The boy had a love affair her closest best friend

The person the girl told everything to..

The person the girl trusted the most..

Everything felt like it was piling on top of her..

The room was spinning and she could feel her heart..

drop into her stomach..

The person she really truly loved...

Had Broke her heart.

She had nobody.

She felt like nothing...

She told him everything about her life..

her thoughts .. her worries..

things going on that she wouldn't even dreamed of telling anyone..

she couldnt understand the boy was so supported..

He apoligised... and said he couldnt help his feelings..

he didnt feel the same way about her anymore..

The girl felt like hew world end.

She got into drugs...

Realised she was 2 months pregnent with the boy..

But didnt want to tell him..

He hates her anyway.

she drank herself sober.

stole from shops...

became a waster..

Nobody loved her... she thought??

so why should be so good and nice.

Why should she be alive..

she walked down the street a week later ..

and there they were once her boyfriend...

and once her friend .. Holding hands ..chatting, laughing..

getting on like they were in ... Love..?

She stood there for a couple of seconds, held her breath..

and thought that yous to be her..

She couldnt fight any longer..

She walked, then walked faster, ran and she ran and she ran...

until her legs were to weak to take another step..

she collapsed she didn't no where she was

it was pitch black..

she didnt want to be here anymore..

a day later... her abusive and alcholic step father

reported her for being missing..

Her mother couldnt she was in hospital...

she was diagnosed with cancer...

they didnt care anyway...

the things that happened to that girl were beyond terrible..

she depended on a guy she thought she loved for so long...

3 years she was with him...


the boy realized his mistakes and knowing..

He did wrong

He hated himself..

3 weeks later they find her..

she was murdered raped.. and thrown in a river..

she was inside a bin bag..

the baby was dead...

They held A funeral for her...

every day the boy came to the grave put flowers on it

and talked for hours..

He was sorry.. so sorry and he wished he could go back in time..

He was grieving for her.. and wanted her back..

he blamed himself..

He got a poem engraved on the grave stone ..

To love is giving someone the Power

To destroy you...

but trusting them not too...

If only that girl was here today.. she could realize how sorry he was

He went with no one for the rest of his life...

because he knew in his heart that it was his fault ..

and nobody deserved him...

He thought maybe when he died .. He would see her and be with her for eternity...


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