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I know i love you but do you love me....?

11 December, 2008

 his name is Dom and he always loves the other girl but not me. i love him though he is the hottest guy in class he is so so so so so so nice and i wish he would realized he likes me too . we flirt every day and he just doesn't get it . and all the guys think Alyssa's  all that they think shes so nice and think shes so hot and i don't get it shes not that pretty not that athletic not any one of those to all the girls she is just another beep shes a brat and all the guys think shes so beautiful but really shes a  no joke it is so annoying i hate people like that i wish that when i woke up some day when im older i will  so Dom laying right beside me . will Dom and i work ever thing out or will he never realize ? and if Dom ever reads this it is true i do love you with all my heart! [ I'm 11 and in love people]

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