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Dreams do come True!

08 December, 2008

in my disco days i was told by the gossipping crowd at school and by a mutual friend that this older boy liked me...

i only being a young teenage was flattered and began to think of this boy in a different more appealing light and imagined us as a couple and got way to far ahead of myself as my imagination ran away with the thoughts of my first real love!our mutual friend john had said Darren (the boy) had mentioned me ages ago so i soon persuaded myself that it was just a whim and that it couldn't possibly still think this ,being the UN-confident teenager i once was......so when a disco came around that we were both going to i just disregarded that i had ever heard of his lust for me and when on in being my mad bubbly self ....when i was in the middle of a full on dance session with my girls(we have all done it) john came up to me after greeting me with a life threateningly tight hug said..........."i have a surprise for you" ..........me being my ditsy self said"oh i love surprises! so we walked, well skipped  over to a corner of the night club............and standing there was Darren looking nervous and awkward yet striking!my heart had just about caught up with the new events and it took off into a sprint and i swear it would have won any race!!Realising John had transformed into Cupid minus the giant nappy i gave him a threatening stare but i couldn't mask the sheer excitement in my eyes as they glistened at the memory of my dream!Cupid slyly danced of clearly delighted with the nights work and i was left standing there across from the achingly handsome boy!He stood there slouched in a cool lay-ed back way which made me go weak at the nobly knees.His shaggy brown hair  was whipped back in a messily gorgeous fashion! His chocolate brown eyes pierced me! they were like a bee to honey,like a moth to a flame.I briefly wondered if he was really staring at my lips are did that only happen in the movies??WE stood staring at each other spaced apart as if a deep black hole divided us!i was left forgetting how to move, to speak or even breath.But my body soon remembered what to do and he set into motion just as i did it was as if a horn had started a race!We swiftly  inhabited the no mans land between us and were once again still in a time stopping stare! neither one of us wanting to break first.UN-knowingly we have moved within inches of each other!we stood inches away from each other i could feel his cool breath on my skin.We just stood there not in an awkward way just as if taking in this fairy tale moment.Darren then let out a groan and reached for me!he held me in a tight embrace as we gently kissed.i completely turned to mush.while still in our enchanting embrace he slow turned me around so i could rest my  back against the wall and lean my weight there.he moved one hand to the wall beside my face and kept the other in a light grip around my waist.The kissing was soft and gently but filled with  Passion which felt like it had been bottled up just waiting for this moment.My arms hung around his neck as we kiss for the rest of the night in the corner  as my dream unfolded .

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