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Unbearable love

07 December, 2008

it all started on msn,

i was happily chatting to friends when this guy added me..

i saw his name and realised who it was..

it was this guy who caught the same tram as me evert single day after school.

i never talked to him nor realise him.

but i knew who he was.

and i knew he went to the boy school opposite my school.


so we started chatting, me asking who's this and he replying.

that night we had a good long talk. :)


then the next day came and what's funny was that he had came over to my school to do work and that's the first time i've seen him at my school.


i soon realised that everytime i had science he did to which meant he came to my school, so i always saw him in one of the science labs ;)

one night on msn i told him that ill call him after science. and that day i did and he saw me. now he finally knew who i was in real..


most nights we would talk and i realised i really liked him. but i wouldnt know if he had feelings for me or not. so at that time i would see him every now and then. and call out for him, but for some reason he had never said hi so i could hear him..


then valentines day came....and i was wondering what will happen then. i told my bestie about him and everything and she was teasing me and all.


but that night i was on myspace looking around and i found his profile. so i added him and i told him to accept me. he accepted straight away and when i went to view his profile i saw that he had a gf already...


i was shattered, but not that shattered. lol 

the nxt day came and  it was valentines day! afterschool, i had got off near mcdonalds because me and my friends were going there, and then i saw him. he was holding a bunch of roses for his gf. TOUGH LUCK HUH?


but even though that day was bad, it soon passed and nothing had happened. we were still talking like usual and things were good. 

but as time passed by things went all ugly. 


he got really annoyed at me for talkin to much, but doesnt all girls talk too much? he even told me his gf talks too much! so he blocked me and we never talked again...


errr lots more happened but i cbf saying.

i just wanna say, don't go for guys with gf already, i was stupid enough to keep on liking him. 

..but it's hard to stop your mind from loving someone when your heart still does.

oh and now i rarely see him on the streets.

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