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The love square

07 December, 2008

I'm in year 8 and I'm 13 years young. There's a guy that is always caring for me and never letting go. you see, I'm in this love square.

Once when i went to the park near my home, there was a guy. The first time that i saw him, i didn't have interest on him until i went up close, he smiled and i thought that he was really cute looking. the next day when i went the park again and saw him with two people, a girl and a guy. I found out that i have loved him since the day we met. In the other hand, i found out something else. The girl in the park was his ex-girlfriend and the guy was his bestfriend.

This is how the love square works, i love benny but he loves his ex-girlfriend (kelly), kelly loves daniel (bestfried) but i found out that he loves me. it was depressing how i found out that benny doesn't love me but only seeing me as a good friend but you know what, i still love him. the third day, kelly was talking to daniel a lot but he was annoyed, benny joined in the conversation so daniel left it. i came with him to the top of the cubby-house, he kissed me on the cheeks and after he did that, kelly came to us and slapped me. daniel said to kelly that he doesn't like her but she keeps on bugging in, i went home filling with tears but was alright afterwards.

The fourth day came, i went to the park and everyone was there, benny was sad and went home, i asked why he was sad to daniel and he told me that kelly doesn't like benny but likes daniel. i said to daniel "i feel his pain, it hurts me when he is hurt" daniel continied the conversation after a few seconds, "can't you see me hurting as well. I love you and will be waiting for you until you accept me into your life?" the whole convo ended.

I really feel sorry for daniel, i would have loved him if  i hadn't met benny's smile.

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