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The love that was pointless

07 December, 2008

In my life, i had never liked anyone before but the only guy that ripped my heart was the guy that i didn't want to love. I moved primary schools at the end of year 3. In the beginning of year 4, i didn't know why but i had feelings for a guy in class, maybe because i had the hot for him. I never knew why but i always thought that it was meant to be. Now I'm in year 8 and it is 4 years that i have liked him, I'm not in a co-ed school and neither is he but our school is opposite each others. He knows that i like him but never reacts. He is a big time flirt and if you knew him, you will also have the hots for him.

I always talk to him on msn but not face to face since we left primary school. Last year, i asked him on msn if he liked anyone, he said "i like you, lol" i didn't know what that meant so i ignored it. we were talking normally until one day he said, we live to far and we hardly see each other. i was so confused so i asked one of my friend what it meant, she said "he wants to break up with you" i was so devastated and always wondered to myself "we never started" My friend is a poet and she always told me that it's hard to stop your mind from loving somebody when your heart still does. It's true, i don't want to love him anymore and i think 4 years is enough.

If you really love something, set it free.

if it comes back, it's yours. If not, it wasn't meant to be

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