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1 not so GREAT LOVE

04 December, 2008

i was young, silly, naughty but innocent.. during my high school days I'm not like any other students who do their homework's and study during week nights. i usually go out with my older buddies and hang around the park and get drunk. . but yes! i got my high school diploma! then on college i always got to school late,no homework's done.then i dropped out and find myself back home again. finally! no school! nothing to do but hang out with myself and do what i want..

till sembreak came! when my best friend VINCE was with this sexy beautiful girl.. i was just 17 back then and she was 21.. my best friend introduced us.. and when i got her name i snapped! and shouted what!! (she was ANGEL the girlfriend of my bro's friend) then i asked them does Chris know? they answered maybe.. we don't care cause he doesn't even care that were together everynight. (WOW)

the sembreak was like 2weeks i think. we party everynight,drink and have fun. one night i was with VINCE and ANGEL and vince got his self so drunk and i noticed that angel was flirting with me.. i really didn't care. when i got home, i went straight to bed but then my phone rang.. it was angel.from then on everytime my phone rang i know it would be her calling.

one afternoon vince visited me at home.. asking if i heard about MARY (his ex girlfriend)because he saw her. then i called up mary and asked her if she wanted to go out with vince again.. they did go out . but then angel called and said that i need to help her with something but we end up in watching a movie . after the movie we saw vince and mary holding hands. angel cried but then smiled and said i wanna get drunk! so lets go and have a night out! i was fine with it! all expenses paid when I'm with her.we got really drunk,i brought her home and led her to our guest room when she accidentally puke on the bed and on her dress so i have no choice and brought her to my room and i let her borrow a t-shirt. i was so scared i don't even know why.. i was waiting for her to fell asleep before i lye down. i was so nervous when i felt her hugging me.. i was thinking, I'm a guy and every guy would want to be in my place right now... we kissed and she told me that she loves me.. i stood up and went out of the room and i fell asleep outside her door. she waked me up and told me goodmorning babe, i better go.. and kissed me.

i thought to myself why not play with the fire? behind that angel name she had the hots for me..and got 2 boyfriend 3 including me.. so i took a bath and went to vince and told him everything.. i ask permission to date her and apologize coz i, too! had the hots for her. vince and her broke up an hour after. i decided to go with the flow.. chris now knows that i was angels other new boy friend. but still was ok with it. me and angel talk a lot not just about us but we talk about everything she was a package deal for me, a hot girlfriend,a best friend, a mother, a lover and a banker. she gives me everything i want.

one night, we fought about what i wanted for her to wear.we broke up just because of that stupid little fight. she left me. at first i was okie.. i was fine with it.. i got out and got drunk i kept on calling her but there was no answer.i finally realized i loved her so much.

tomorrow came, still no answer.. i got the guts to go to her house and saw her with chris she told me its his time now, dont worry ill call u tonight.. the whole world came crushing down on me.. i was suppose to feel numb about it coz i already knew about it.but i was hurt. we talked things over and begged her to leave him because he's just palying with her and she stood and told me like you! you were just playing with me and end up loving me its just like that. I LIKE YOU but I LOVE HIM. i shared her with chris for a year and we were together for 2yrs only.. and dumped me for a boy who she just met online. SHE WAS EVERYTHING to me.. im now 21 yrs old,and she now has a baby boy.. but im still in love with her. lesson learned???? :nah!!!


-from you worst nytmare

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