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Left me alone on the beach side.....

02 December, 2008

Im 17yrs old and still didnt find the right person .... i broke up with my bf , heartbroken, lost wondering what i did wrong? what happened? ... 6 month later someone added me on my email from nowere. I started talking to him normally, he introduced himself and 3 month of talking together we became closefriend, but i never actually felt anything towards him.


So one day i felt he wants to ask me out, but i wasnt ready for any relationships, so i blocked him. 3 weeks pasts and i didnt talk 2 him or even went online, so i lastly went online and unblocked him and talk to him. As soon as i went online he talked to me straight away and told me " i really missed you so bad and i was lately thinking about you and us, so please give me a call cause i really wanna meet up with you..bla bla bla" i was soo shocked  


I did call him and he told me almost everything about him. we used to talk for hours on the phone, my feelings for him, which i never knew i had for him, started to show. so one day he asked me on a date but i was actually busy with my scool basketball matches, and everytime he asked me out i always had an ascuse, but i was only actually running away from him cause i had bad experience of love, so i didnt want any love things.


He texted me once and told me that he had an accident and broke his legs, i called him straight away and i felt so worried. i started to ask myself is that love oh my god girl your falling for him. so i told him i wanna see you, he was so happy and he told me " i thought you dont wanna see me" i was like " no i was just not ready with all the dating" .


Suddenly i went crazy for him, i actuclly skipped scool for him and he picked me up by his car and went on the beach side with him. then it call started when he took my hands and kissed it and told me how much he loves me. then he wrapped his arm around my neck and i only felt my body close to his, i was between his arms , its like i was a lost bird and i found my home. we hugged each other so hard.


i went back home i was soooo up the sky. then i received a msg from him saying " I LOVE YOU . i wish we'll be together forever" my smile covered my face as so as i so his name calling me. YES im in love but will it last. Eventhough i loved him so bad, i always put in mind that  one day will have to seperate.


We spend together 3 beautiful romantic weeks, only loving each other more everyday and we were planning to get married as soon as he finishes scool , eventhogh im 3 month older then him.


so on a friday night i called him so we can hang out at our romantic place, he answered my call in a weired rythm saying " Hey how r u? listen i really love u and your the best girl i ever meet but... we cant continue together" i went into tears . then i was like " bebe why what happened" he said " believe me nothing bye and good luck in your life" i couldnt even feel myself  i screamed his name and said " why.. i wanna know why know" he said " i told my mum i'll marry you as soon as i finish my scool, then she was like no u cant, shes not the right person for u, beside shes only effecting your life badly" i was like " i talk to her tell her how much i love you, you know how much i love you right" he was like " i really sorry i gtg now take care"


He only left me alone.. we were meant to be together. then a couple of weeks later i called him then he talked to me in a bad way and sai that hes busy and asked me not to talk again. thoughts started running in my head did he actually left me cause of hes mum and dats he doesnt want to play with my feelings or he just found someone else.


then 1 week later he called me and told me that he wants to see me cause hes got alot of things to say. so on valentine day i went with him again on a date.


i knew that he wanted me back but i thought about alot and descided i wont go back with him to stop him from getting into any problems with his mum. he came and picked me up with his car and we went to our special place.


I spent the whole ride saying nothing. so we sat together ,then he touched my hands and i quickly pulled it , i didnt want anything to effect the descion i made. he told me soon we'll get married and i was like no i dont want to marry you sorry. he was shocked and stared into my eyes and came close to my face and said " i know u still love me" i started crying and said "no i dont want you back" then he grabbed me and kissed me, then i pulled him away and walked away.


We spent about 5 min far from each other then i went to him and told him that i wanna go back home, but hes faced changed completely and looked at me and said " i loved you more then my family, friends and you dont want to came back. i'll delete you from my life and i dont call me again i dont want to hear your voice again" i only heard that hursh words and walked away, i couldnt hold my tears. how come i became the bad one while i was only trying to keep him away from problems, do i deserve that from him?


he left me alone on the beach side... he took off with his car ..he didnt even call to check on me.. he just forgot everthing between us... thats how i ended with love...





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