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The Locket

26 November, 2008

I am from Philadelphia. I am born and raised here. My cousins, who once lived here, moved to upstate, New York. When I went to visit them one day, we went to this restaurant. It was really nice. At the restaurant, I was wearing my favorite locket that my aunt gave to me. She died a year ago. It was a hard time for me because she was my best friend. When I was wearing it there, I guessed it most of slipped off somehow. I don't know how because it was really weird. It was so tight around my neck. Well, anyway, when I left the place, I realized that it was gone. I went back to the restaurant and they said that they haven't seen it. About a week when I left New York, they was a man who was on T.V. He had a locket in his hand and said on the new station, " I want to see the girl who lost this locket, I can tell it has a meaning to her. If your out there please contact this number." Well, I was absolutely shocked. I never knew that this could possibly happen to me. I always told my aunt that I wanted to fall in love so deeply and get married someday. I always thought romantically in that way. When I called the station, they told me to come down. I drove down there as fast as I could. When I got there he was standing there in the lobby and looked me straight in the eyes. I never would do this in my life, but I ran up to him and we kissed in the lobby. I whispered in his ear thank you. I believe that my aunt brought us together because like I said, how could my necklace come off like that. It was her. Now we are engaged and I could never be happier. See girls, just have a little faith in yourself. Life is full of surprises and possibilities. Just think about the good in everything. You never know.

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