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Just as i thought

26 November, 2008

actually i know this guy and our parents were good friends. but we never are that close like our mamas. it was in my junior year where i had no idea what love is and how was the feeling of being in love.. not until this guy caught up my attention.we became friends and even good friends we are. we had talks and secrets shared with each other. we bonded as brothers and sisters. but all of that sudden i fell in love with him. but he did'nt notice anyway, and my love for him grows deeper until on our senior high. and that exactly i shared my feelings to a close girl friend of mine. she was so happy for me and that i was so glad that she is. but not too long.. feels like i was being hit with what i had heard.. i cried and almost grieved, feels like sun won't be shinning anymore..cried all day and all night. a helpless coward and a tormented soul i was when i knew that my girl friend and the guy that i love so much had bowed their relationships. i don't know what to do, all my life im always pretending. we already graduated 2006, now for almost 3 or 4 years since we were on our junior high, i thought i learned the art of letting go..but.. just as i thought.. because still i love him and i don't know when it be be fading. serendipity.. i hold to that fate..

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