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Please forgive me.......

22 November, 2008

bsp;I never knew what love was. Maybe I was just too young tounderstand what the feeling love was. But all my life changed when he justentered into my life. He made me a special person. He gave me a reason to live.He just made me realize that I also was needed in the society.He was a TV journalist. I saw him first on a TV programwhile I was in a hospital with my sister. On the spot I just gave him my heart.I didn’t know what happened to me. I felt as if I found my soul mate. I wantedto have a talk with him. That night I kept thinking of him. I smiled formyself.The next sunrise brought a new happiness into my life. Ikept humming to myself. I phoned to his office that day. But he was not atoffice or was busy whenever I called him. Yet I believed that I can talk tohim. I kept trying for days. And those days seemed a century for me. But I mustsay that god listened to my prayers really soon. I got a chance to talk to him.I felt as if I was the luckiest person in the world. Theworld seemed to me as roses. I was flying over the clouds. I just had a cutetalk with him. And then we became friends.We started to exchange calls and messages. He just changedmy life. We argued at his name. At last cutie was finalized as his name. it wasthe best name ever. I kept falling for him day after day. I used to be restlesstill I call him. Till I call him. He became my life.One day I was supposed to go for a office meeting and I wasso afraid that I kept crying. And at the moment he was the one who consoled me.The one who built confidence inside me. We just made a bet. That he would goout with me for a walk if I go to the meeting and stand up for my right. Andthere I go standing up for my self.That night we met. He was wearing a pink shirt. Which lookedperfect on him? I wondered how god made some one so perfect. We went for a walknear the beach. The most peaceful place in Male’. We spend about an hourtogether. It was difficult for me to stay away from him. And he even knew that.Late at that night I called up him and said that I loved him. That created the mess. He told that the best way was to befriends. I believed it. Because I loved him. The next day I called him up. Hedidn't’t pick up the phone. I messaged him. He didn't’t reply me. It just killedme. That night I phoned to his office and talked to his colleague about this.And this made him get angry.He messaged me saying no to call ever again to him…he saidgood bye….he just didn't’t know that he took my life with his words. It justshattered me. My dreams were washed away. I begged him saying that I am sorry. I pleaded. But he didn't’t listen.But yet I love him. I will always love him no matter what. He is my reason forliving.Cutie…If you ever read this story please forgive me..i still loveyou.. You are my life…come back to me. I wish you a great future…once forgiveme please. Please I really love you. Always yours...Cutesy

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