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22 November, 2008

This is a true story...it has been inside me for quite a while now and i just want to let it out...


I've been with this girl and she's just perfect, with a capital P, and her name is Rachael.  I really love her, but there was a little accident and i lost her...


Years ago, when i was dating her, we decided to go to a trip to Japan for holidays.  The trip we're planning to take was for 4 days, and it ends with a helicopter tour around Mount Fiji.  And so we went.


Everything seemed perfect.  She was there, she loved me, and I loved her too, but when it got to the last day disaster struck.


So, we boarded the helicopter, with 2 other passengers, which i do not know of.  Then the helicopter took off.  But, somewhere on Mount Fiji,  there came a blizzard and the helicopter went down.  Naturally, I put my arm around Rachael to protect her, but when we crashed, my arm slipped and she crashed onto the floor.  One of the passengers then told me that the copter was on fire and if we didn't get out the fire would reach the engine and it would explode, i lifted Rachael up and carried her away.  After a few minutes fast walk, we heard a loud boom from the helicopter, but we found a small cave which we took shelter in.


Basically, everyone was OK, except Rachael.  When she fell, she got a deep cut in the stomach and another cut in the forehead, and in the cave, as I lay her down, her eyes were half open but there was blood everywhere.  Finally, one of the passenger on the copter (who was a doctor) told me that she was going to die...I told her i love her and she said she did too....but she passed away.


This story has been in me for years, nagging away and breaking me down.  I hope, after you've read this, you wouldn't ever have to go through the pain which i have been through.  Thank you for reading.

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