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I need to stop loving you

14 November, 2008

I need to stop loving you, in order to move on

You've already moved on, ended a four year love affair

in a matter of weeks, how could i be so blind as to how unhapy u were

sure, there were problems everyone has them, im not perfect, neither you

i gave you my heart, u gave me yours,

we met in school, i said hello, u ignored me

a year after that u confessed that u loved me, i said i do too

a whirlwind romance, soon took me over,17 and in love

no meer puppy love, i loved you, i knew what i meant

i knew u loved me...

fast forward to age 21, we're still together, weve managed

to over come the odds, the fights and the yells

i love u dear girl, i buy you an engagement ring

haha, been saving the money for a year now, no cheap ring for you

no, im dead set on making you my wife with a huge stone on ur ring

we fight, i say some things, u say others, WTF!!!,

im down for the count, u were always stronger than me

im hurt, the last starfighter is wounded, i ask why unsuccesfully

all u ever say is, u were to confident in the relationship...

is there such a thing as tooooo confident!, fuck that!, thats just how sure

how damn sure i was i loved u

I ask if theres another man, u say no, u say u just cant love me no more

for the first time ever i beg, i get down and grovel, ive done

the one thing i swore id never do, u look at me, smile and say

its too little too late...

remember when i met u, i swore that id protect u, and i did

i kicked ur fathers ass for touching you, i forsaked my friends cause u didnt

like them, i was consumed by you, now im broken and alone, now ur partying every night, ur sister takes u out, i know she hates me

i hate her too, remember how she screwed u over and i told her off

u seem to have forgotten all the good i did, never once did i lay a finger on you, never once did i cheat,, and trust me i had my chances, all i did was love you, now im broken and alone, i nearly killed my self the day i returned ur engagement ring, damn near hung my self, i loved u so much but u just cut me off, now im broken and alone.


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